War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0426 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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HEADQUARTERS, Camp Chase, Ohio, April 4, 1862.

General L. THOMAS.

DEAR SIR: You will confer a great favor by furnishing us a copy of the report of Major Jones, giving the result of his mission to Camp Chase. Executed April 2, 1862.

Very respectfully,


Colonel, Commanding Post.

CAMP CHASE, OHIO, April 4, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK.

DEAR SIR: The undersigned C. S. surgeons held as prisoners of war at this place respectfully beg leave to address you. There are great battles expected soon to occur in the South. There is much sickness among the troops of both armies in every portion of the country. It was for the relief of suffering humanity which led to our capture. It has been our mission through life; we feel it should be so now. We are in idleness here as the post surgeons give the prisoners their personal attention. We respectfully ask that you allow us to return to our troops under a flag of truce, feeling confident our Government will do likewise, as it has done on several occasions. We ask this not only for the amelioration of our condition as prisoners of war, for as such we have no right to complain of the treatment we have received at your hands, but we ask it in behalf of the cause of suffering humanity, feeling confident you will on that account give the subject your consideration.

Very respectfully,

Jo. E. Dixon, C. H. Edwards, H. D. Wheatley, J. J. Dement, L. Lindsay, R. S. Napier, W. B. Mills, M. L. Neely, W. J. Rodgers, W. V. Turner, P. F. Gould, T. W. Nichols, J. D. Johnson, A. J. Gupton.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, D. C., April 5, 1862.

Ordered, That Major General John A. Dix, commanding at Baltimore, be and he is authorized and empowered at his discretion -

1. To assume and exercise control over the police of the city of Baltimore; to supersede and remove the civil police or any part thereof and establish a military police in said city.

2. To arrest and imprison disloyal persons, declare martial law and suspend the writ of habeas corpus in the city of Baltimore or any part of his command, and to exercise and perform all military power, function and authority that he may deem proper for the safety of his command or to secure obedience and respect to the authority and Government of the United States.

By order of the President:


Secretary of War.



Jefferson City, Mo., April 5, 1862.

I. Major W. M. G. Torrence, commanding at Warrensburg, will furnish Colonel John A. Turley, formerly of the Eighty-first Ohio Volunteers,