War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0397 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Fort Monroe, Va., March 21, 1862.

Honorable EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War.

SIR: I have the honor to forward to you for such disposition as may be deemed proper a letter from the pirates taken on board the Petrel authorizing the collection of certain notes given for professional services in defending the signers. The notes number twenty-nine, amounting to $4,750. It would appear that one note is missing. These notes were found among the papers or baggage of Rev. J. P. B. Wilmer. *The baggage consiting of property worth in the South at this time several thousand dollars I have retained subject to your orders.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




MOYAMENSING PRISON, Philadelphia, October 31, 1861.

We, the undersigned, being now prisoners in the above prison upon a charge of piracy or treason, &c., do hereby certify that the bonds or notes which we have respectively executed to N. Harrison, of Philadelphia, are for professional services diligently and faithfully rendered by him to and for us and each of us during the various stages and trials of the said cases, and it is our wish and desire and we earnestly request the proper authorities of the Confederate States of America to recognizeand allow the said bonds or notes, and to direct and order them to be paid to the said N. Harrison or his assignee out of any fund or funds in the hands of the saind Confederate States of America (to which we may be entitled or otherwise) as to them may seem fair and equitable, assuring them that the said claim is justly due, and that it has accrued under circumstances of embarrassment and responsibility which will entitle the said N. Harrison to be paid for the same.

Walter W. Smith, prize master schooner Enchantress, of brig Jeff. Davis; Daniel Mullings, of Enchantress and of the Jeff. Davis; E. Rochford, schooner Enchantress and brig Jeff. Davis; Thomas Quigley, one of the prize crew of the schooner Enchantress; William Perry, captain of Petrel; Rich. M. Harvey, first lieutenant of Petrel; Colin Campbell, second lieutenant of schooner Petrel; Thomas Woods, seaman of Petrel; John G. S. Tucket, seaman of Petrel; John Mack seaman of Petrel; J. N. Morgan, steward of Petrel; Henry Mills, seaman of Petrel; George Hawkins, seaman of Petrel; Edward Murphy, seaman of Petrel; Hugh Monaghan, landsman of Petrel; Robert (his x mark) Barnet, mate of Petrel; Richard R. Jeffers, seaman of Petrel; John Cronin, seaman of Petrel; Geo. H. Roberts, seaman of Petrel; Michael Dooling, landsman of Petrel; C. H. Marriott, ordinary seaman of Petrel; John C. (his x mark) Cunningham, seaman of Petrel; Frank A] boy of Petrel; Wm. (his x mark) Brain, cook of Petrel; H. Oltmans, cook of Petrel; John M. Dearing, seaman of Petrel; George Sawden, seaman of Petrel; Wm. H. (his x mark) Hazlehurst, seaman of Petrel; Daniel (his x mark) Courney, second cook of Petrel; Henry A. Rowan, seaman of Petrel; Edward Flynn, seaman of Petrel; A. C. Delahay, seaman of Petrel; John H. Edwards, seaman of Petrel; George S. Harrison, seaman of Petrel; A. C. Williams, seaman of Petrel.


*See case of Wilmer, Vol. II, this Series, p. 1280.