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sey, of the Sixty-ninth New York Volunteeers, was also the victim of their special ire on account of a letter which he manged to send out of the prison "through the underground. " An order was issued for his release and that of Captain Farrish, of the Seventy-ninth New York Volunteers, two months and more ago by General Huger. They are stilll in confinement and they are supposed to be kept there by order of General Ripley, whom we considered our worst enemy. He is exceedingly bitter, though a Northern man. It is generally understood that General Ripley kept back for two months and upward the clothing that our Government had sent out for its destitute soldier in the enemy's hands.

My candid opinion is that they will not release Colonel Corcoran and the other field officers as long as they can invent an excuse or get up a pretext for keeping them. They now hold them as hostages for the bridge burners [privateersmen]. I don't believe they will release Colonel C. and the others any time without their being named. They are especially affaid of Corcoran on account of his influence among the Irish. It was the impression of the South Carolinas whom we saw and Irish soldiers who stood guard over us said "that Corcoran coud rally the Irish of Charleston to fight with him under the old flag. "

I was exchanged for Captain Berry,* who was named by General Huger to me as the person whose release I was to procure. I reached this city on the 12th instant. I left 307 in the jail at Columbia, and none of he names of my fellow-prisoners have appeared in the last two list of returned Federal soldiers. Should you desire it I will send you a list of them. I have heard them express their sentiment that notwithstanding their great desire for release form confinement, they did not wish it in case such an ation should at all compormise the Government. I respectfully submit the above for your consideration.

Your obedient servant,


Late Master of Steamer Osceola.

INDIANAPOLIS, Febreary 26, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK,

Commanding Department of the Missouri:

Colonel Cutts with Generals Tilgham and Buckner started at 9. One hundred and ten officer under guard will start for Saint Louis at 11 o'clock.



SAINT LOUIS, February 26, 1862.

LAZ. NOBLE, Indianapolis, Ind.:

Rebel officers, prisoners of war, were not ordered to be sent to Saint Louis but to Columbus, Ohio. See that this is carried out immediately.



INDIANAPOLIS, February 26, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK:

Written orders dated 24th # came this morning for transfer of rebel officers to Saint Louis. Arrangements contermanded and prisoners


* See Vol. II, this Series, p. 933, for case of Captain Michael Berry.


# Kelton to commanding officer of Camp Morton, p. 318.