War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0305 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION

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And the agent who shall take such parole shall granta certificate to each prisoner so paroled certifying the limits to which his parole extends, the hours, and other rules to be observed and grating permission to such person to remain unmolested within such limits, and every commissioned officer the navy or army when so paroled, if in health, shall be paid by the agent that has granted such parole to him during the continuance thereof the sum of three shilling sterling per day each for subsistence; and all other prisoners so paroled shall be paid, each person, at the rate of one shilling and six pence per day sterling; at the rate of four shilling and six pence stersilng per American milled dollars, which pay in case of actual sickness shall be doubled to each so long as the surgeon shall certify the continance of such sickness; and each sick prisoners shall also be allowed the attendance of a nurse in case the surgeon shall certify the person to be so ill as to require such help; all which subsistence and pay is to be paid in advance twice in every week. And prisoners who shall willfully disobey the rules and regulations established for prisoners on parole may be sent to prison, and all rules and regulations to be observed by prisoners on paroles are to be published and made know to each prisoner. And when any prisoner shall be allowed to depart at his own expense, if he has not sufficiency shall money for that purpose he shall be allowed necessary money not doexceed the parole subsistence to which he would have been entitled for one month if he had remained.

5. And in case any prisoners be permitted to return to his own country on parole on condition of not serving until duly exchanged, such prisoner shall sign and engagement in the following form:

Whereas, --- ---, agent for the care and custody of prisoners of war at---, has granted me the undersing prisoners described on the back hereof permission to return to--- upon condition that I give my parole of honor that I will not enter into any naval, military or other service whatever against the--- or any until I shall have been reularly exchanged, and that I will surrender myself if required by the agent of the government at such place and at such time as may be appointed in case my exchange shall be effected. And I will unitl exchanged give notice from time to time of my place of residence.

Now in consideration of my enlargement I do hereby declare that I have given my parole of honor accordingly and that I will keep it inviolably.

Given under my had at---this---davof---, in the vear of our Lord--.

And to the prisoners so granted his enlargement on parole shall be given a certificate and passport specifying the terms and conditions of his enlargement and a description of his person, and notice of such nerlest station to the place where such parole shall be granted.

6. In case any prisoner of war shall become unmindful of the honorable obligation he lies under to the nation which shall have granted him his parole and shall violate the same he shall be liable to be dealt with according to the usages and customs observed in such cases by the most civilized nations when at war, and either nation shall have a right to demand from the other surrenderand restoration of any prisoner of war who shall violate his parole, and every just and reasonable satisfaction shall be given to the nation demanding the same, to show that if such prisoner be not returned it is by reason of its not being in the power of the nation to which he originally belonged.

7. No prisoner shall be struck with the hand, whip or stick or any other weapon whatever. The complaints of the prisoners shall be attended to and real grievances redressed, and if they behave disorderly they may be closely confined and kept on two-thirds allowance