War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0304 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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or military service of the enemy not being seafaring persons; all women and girls and all boys under twelve years of age-every person of the foregoing description or of whatever description exempt from capture by the usage and practice of the most civilized nations when at war, if taken shall be immediately released without exchange, and shall take their departure at their own charge agreeably to passports to be granted them, or otherwise shall be put on board the next cartel which sails. Persons found on board recaptured ships, whatever situation they may have held in the capturing ship, shall not be considered as non-combatants. Non-combatants are not to be imprisoned except for improper conduct, and if poor or inprovided with means to support themselves the Government of each nation will allow them a reasonabel subsistence, having respect to their rank and situation in life.

3. American prisoners taken and brought within any of the dominions of His Britannic Majesty shall be stationed for exchange at Halifax, in Nova Scotia; Quebec [in Lower Canada]; Bridgetown, in Barbadoes; Kingston, in Jamaica; Falmouth and Liverpool, in England, and at no other points or places. And British prisoners taken and brought into the United States shall be stationed at Salem, in Massachusetts; Schenectady, in the State of New York; Providence, in Rhode Island; Wilmington, in Delaware; Annapolis, in Maryland; Savannah, in Georgia; New Orleans, in Louisiana, and at no other points or place in the United States. The Government of Great Britain will receive and protect an agent to be appointed by the Government of the United States to reside at or near each of the before-mentioned places in the British dominions, for the purpose of inspecting the management and care which is taken of the American prisoners of war at each station. And the Government of the United States will in like manner receive and protect and agent to be appointed by the British Government to reside at or near each of the stations before mentioned within the dominions of the United States for the like purpose of inspecting the management and care taken of the British prisoners of war at each of the stations. And each Government shall be at liberty to appoint and agent to reside at or near any depot established for prisoners by the other nation for the purpose of taking care and inspecting the state and situations of such prisoners, and such agents shall be protected respectively in the same manner as the agents at the stations for exchange.

4. Whenever a prisoners is admitted to parole the form of such parole shall be as follows:

Whereas, the agent appointed for the care and custody of prisoners of war at----in --- has been pleased to grant leave to the undersigned,---- ----, prisoners of war as described on the back hereof to reside in--- upon condition that--- give--- parole of honor not to withdraw form the bounds prescribed,--- there, without leave for that purpose from the said agent, that--- will behave decently, and with due respect to the laws of this country and also that--- will not during --- continuance in---- either directly or indirectly carry on a correspondende with any of the enemies of--- or receive or write any letter or letters whatever but throung the hands of said agent, in order that [they] may be read and approved by him--- ---, do hereby declare--- have given--- parole of honor accordingly and that--- will keep it inviolably. Dated at---.

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