War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0168 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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now a prisoner of war in Richmond, and I understand that this proposed exchange is approved by Colonel Geary, commanding the regiment to which Pratt belongs. This Department will consent to this exchange upon the terms proposed, that is that as soon as Colonel Geary shall have your son at the Point of Rocks I will send Pratt to that place to be exchanged for him. You will have me informed immediately of the official acceptance of this proposition on the part of Colonel Geary so that the necessary arrangements on our part may be made at once.

I am, madam, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.


Hampton Roads, Va., December 23, 1861.


Commanding Department, &c., Norfolk, Va.

SIR: In reply to the part of your letter of the 17th instant to which I alluded in mine of the 21st I beg leave to suggest to you as follows: That if you will release without pledge or parole First Lieutenant William G. Jones, of the Tenth Infantry, U. S. Army, formerly of the Eighth Infantry, U. S. Army, I will release in the same way John R. F. Tattnall, late first lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps. It may be well to mention to you that Lieutenant Jones is not a prisoner taken in any act of war as he was seized and imprisoned in Texas (where I understand he still is) by the authorities concerned with General Twiggs, late of the U. S. Army, in the beginning of hostile movements in that State.

Also that if you will release unconditionally thirty of the common seamen of whom you speak I will release in the same way either Robert Tansill, late captain, U. S. Marine Corps, William M. Page, late surgeon, U. S. Army [Navy], Walter R. butt, late lieutenant, U. S. Navy, or H. H. Dalton, late lieutenant, U. S. Navy, and now lieutenant in the Confederate Navy, leaving the choice with yourself. Furhermore if you will so release tweny of those seamen I will in the same manner release either T. S. Wilson, late first lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps, or James E. Lindsay, late assistant surgeon, U. S. Navy. Or if you will release ten of those seamen I will so release either H. B. Claiborne or A. D. Wharton, bot late midshipmen, U. S. Navy. In all of these instances you are desired to name the individuals you prefer to receive.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Flag-Officer, Commanding North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.


Norfolk, Va., December 23, 1861.

Flag-Officer L. M. GOLDSBOROUGH,

Commanding North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

SIR: On Saturday evening, 21st instant, Mr. Cenas reported to me in exchange for Master's Mate Abbott whom I hereby release from his parole and authorize you to notify him accordingly. Messrs. Butt and Dalton were also received by me on parole for fifty days, to be returned at the expiration of that time unless previously exchanged. I shall be ready to meet any propositions you may make for the release of the persns named by you in your letter of the 7th instant and such others in similar circumstances as you may offer.