War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0144 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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who says he was registered by the name of William Dyer. Frank Albor (the cabin boy) has recently died in prison of consumption, having received at the hands of Mr. Taylor, the acting superintendent of the cells at Moymensing Prison, all the humanity and kindmess in his power. The other prisoners, with the exception of Captain William Perry and William Sharkey, are in good health. Captain Perry has suffered and is still suffering severely from rheumatic gout. Upon the application of the prisoners' counsel the trial in the case of the Petrel has been continued until the next term of the court, which will commence on the first Monday of April, 1862.

All the aforesaid parties have been in Moyamensing Prison for more than three months under close confinement, and my object in addressing you this letter is as counsel for the accused respectfully and carnestly through you to appeal to the Government of which you are President to submit some proposition to or to enter into some negotiation or arrangement with the Government of the United States by virtue of which these prisoners, all of them (whether convicted or unconcivted), may be dealt with and excharged for as prisoners of war and liberated as soon as possible from confinement. I shall apply to the Government of the United states for permission to transmit to you this letter and the accompanying documents for such consideration and action as may be respectively had thereupon, hoping that the result may bne a speedy discharge of my clients from a long and severe imprisonment.

I have the honor to be, sir, sith high respect, your obedient servant,


Attorney for the Officer and Crew of the Petrel and Enchantress.

[Sub - inclosure.]

In the circuit court of the uanited States in and for the eastern district od Pennsylvania, in the third circuit.

[Numbers 1. October session, 1861. Indictment, high treason. True bill.]

The United States of America versus William Perry, Richard M. Harvey, Charles Campbell, August Peyrusset, Robert Barret, Henry Mills, Edward Flynn, William Sharkey, Daniel Courtney, John M. Morgan, Frank Albor, George Hawkins, Asa Delahay, John Cunningham, Richard R. Jeffries, William H. Hazlehurst, George S. Harrison, John Mark, Hugh Monagrow, William Bryan, Michael Dillon, Henry A. Run, John Mallings, John W. Dearing, C. H. Marriott, George H. Roberts, Thomas A. Brookbanks, Richard Lewis, Edward Murphy, John H. Edwards, Thomas Woods, John G. S. Tucket, Austin C. Williams, Henry Autmans, George Sawden and John Cronin.

October 5, 1861. - Indictment remitted from the district court, act of Congress.

October 15, 1861. - Cerified copy of the indictment and of the list of jurors furnished to the defendants (to each of them).

November 11, 1861. - Mr. Ashton, assistant attorney of the United States, moves for the arraiguments of the prisoners William Perry, Richard M. Harvey and Charles Campbell.

George M. Wharton, N. Harrison and J. P. O'Neill, esqs., appear for the said prisoners and move for a continuance till next term. Affidavit of William Perry, Richard M. Harvey and Colin Campbell presented and read. Motion for continuance argued by Messrs. Wharton,