War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0131 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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should be selected by to and held as a hostahe for one Smith convicted of piracy Philadelphia, and that the ten remaining field officers held as prisoners here and three captains to be selected by lot from all held as prisoners should be held as hostages for thirteen men on trial for piracy in New York, and that the punishment of the officers held as hostages would be precisely the same as that the of the prisoners on trial or tried in Philadelphia and New York. The name of Colonel Corcoran, of the Sixty - ninth New York Militia, was drawn and he is retained as a hostage for Smith and is to be treated as a condemned felon.

The following officers are to be retained as hostages for the thirteen prisoners in New York: Colonels Wood, Fourteenth New York; Willcox, First Michigan; Lee, Twentieth Massachusetts; Cogswell, Tammany Regiment [Forty - second New York], and captain, Eighth Infantry; Woodruff, Second Kentucky. Lieutenant - Colonels Neff, Second Kentucky, and Bowman, Eighth Pennsylvania. Majors Revere, Twentieth Massachusetts; Potter, Thirty - eight New York, and Vogdes, First U. S. Artillery. Captains Ricketts, First U. S. Artillery; Rockwood, Fifteenth Massachusetts, and McQuaide, Thirty - eight New York, Captain Thomas Cox, of the First Kentucky, offered to take the place of Captain Ricketts but was refused.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Tammany Regiment and Captain, Eighth Infantry.


P. S. - Captains Ricketts and McQuaide being wounded were withdraw from the list by Mr. Benjamin and Captains Bowman, of the Fifteenth Massachusetts, and Keffer, of Baker's California Regiment, were selected by lot to fill their places today. All on the list who are in Richmond will be sent to the county jail today or tomorrow.

RICHMOND PRISON, VA., November 11, 1861.

SIR: This lets you know that I am in as good health and spirits as could be expected under confinement so long. It is now sixteen weeks since I was taken with many more on the battlefield at Bull Run, and since that many more have been taken and brought here. They number in all who have been brought to Richmond as many as 2, 600 or 2, 700. Some arrived as late as last night - a few from Fairfax and Leesburg; and before over 700 from the Leesburg battle of the 21st of October, and on the north side of the Potomac, which no doubt you have got the news of. I think that through and by the flag of truce that this comes other versious and the details of the battle will be sent by officers in full knowledge to the facts from the spot which of course you will become acquainted with.

There is one thing I wish to let you know, which is this: The general in charge of this post, Richmond, Brigadier - General Winder, with five ir six other officers came into prison yesterday at 4 p. m., called us officers to order and stated that he had an order from the War Department to ballot one out of the highest rank of the six colonels now prisoners in a cell in prison similar to that in which the condemned pirate Smith, at Philadelphia, is placed and tho be disposed of according to his fate. The ballots being prepared the names of the six were as follows:

1. Colonel Lee, Twentieth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers.

2. Colonel Cogswell, Forty - Second New York Zouaves.