War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0116 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Was William Smith in confinement on board the ship during that time?

The WITNESS. Do you mean handcuffed?

Mr. ASHTON. I mean physical restraint of any kind. Was he confined in the cabin?

Answer. No, sir; but he was confined in this respect that neither he nor any man on board the Jeff. Davis could go ashore without getting permission from the captain. There was a sentry of marines on the gangway and your business had to be known and you had to get permission from the captain go get ashore or to come aboard.

Question. Were the officers allowed to go on shore?

Answer. Not without permission from the captain.

Question. Were the ordinary sailors of the vessel allowed to go on shore?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. During the days the vessel lay as you have stated in Charleston do you or do you not know that William Smith went


Answer. Not to my recollection.

Question. Do you know that he did not go ashore?

Answer. The vessel was small and he held a situation from which a man could miss him very readily and as far as I recollect he did not go ashore.

Question. But you do not say positively that he did not go


Answer. I cannot say that, but I had a good opportunity of missing him out of the vesse. No officers went ashore while I was there except the captain; not even the first lieutenant second lieutenant according to me recollection.

Question. Was the letter that you spoke of as having been read on board thead in the harbor of Charleston during your stay there?

Answer. Yes, sir. Some dispute got up among the men, and Coxette called them all out and read the letter of marque. He was by the side of Doctor Babcock.

Question. Did that proclamation or any anouncement made on board the vessel during this time speak of the prize money that you were to get?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Was there any arrangements in regard to prize money?

Answer. Well, I heard some mumblinc among the men about it not from the officers.

Question. What proportion of prize money were the men on board the Jeff. Davis to get?

Answer. I hardly recollect now. They were talking some about a quarter of a share and some half a share and so on, accordingly to the situation each man occupied on board the vessel.

Question. Then the boatswain was get more that the common sailor?

Answer. I never heard anything mentioned about the officers.

Question. How long were you going from Charleston to Savannah?

Answer. One day.

Question. How long did you lie in the harbore of Savannah?

Answer. I was not on board the vessel at Savannah. I came from Savannah to Charleston.