War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0113 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Mr. WHARTON. You have spoken of the reading of the letters of marque in the hearing of the crew.

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you leave the port of Charleston, and Smith with you, under those letters after their reading?

Answer. We had to fit out the vessel after that time. There were some repairs to he done both aloft and below.

Question. I want to know whether those letters made the contract between the men and the commander under which they entered into service?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. At what time did Smith leave there?

Answer. We left Charleston of Friday evening, June 28.

Judge CADWALADER. I thought you said he joined at Savannah.

The WITNESS. We left Savannah about the 8th of June and went to Charleston.

Mr. HARRISON. Where were you taken after you were captured by the Albatross?

Answer. We were put on board the Albatross about twenty - five miles south of Hatteral Inlet, sailed to Hampton Roads, lay at anchor there and then went up as far as the Potomac.

Question. How long did you lay at anchor in Hampton Roads?

Answer. About twenty - four hours.

Mr. WHARTON. Were you take up the Potomac, Smith with you?

Answer. Yes, sir; we were taken up the Potomac to relieve a steamer that was stationed there which had to go somewhere else. We came to anchor there and stopped forty - eight hours.

Mr. HARRISON. How far from Virginia shore at Old Point were you at anchor?

Answer. About three - quarters of a mile.

Question. When you got to the mouth of the Potomac how far from the Virginia shore were you?

Answer. As far as I can recollect about a mile and a half.

Question. Where did you go when you left the mouth of the


Answer. We came down to Hampton Roads and came to anchor again.

Question. Then you anchored twice at Hampton Roads?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. How long did you remaine at anchor at Hampton Roads the second time?

Answer. I should think not more than twenty - four hours. We then weighed anchor, took the schooner Enchantress in tow and came to Philadelphia.

Question. Whilst you were at anchor at Hampton Roads did the Albatross have communication with the land by boats?

Answer. They had communication with the flag - ship. I saw some vegetables coming on board.

Question. Did boats pass backward and forward from the ship to the shore?

Answer. Not that I am aware of.