War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0096 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. He wrote their names down on a piece of paper?

Answer. Yes, sir; he wrote their names down.

Question. Did he hand that paper to Smith?

Answer. I do not know what he did with that paper; he went away from me then.

Question. with the list in his hand?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you see Smith leave with the men under him?

Answer. Yes, sir; I saw him go away.

Question. How near were you to him while he was making out this list and picking out the prize crew?

Answer. we were sitting side by side.

Question. Then you heard what he said to smith I presume?

Answer. No; he only picked the crew out himself. I saw him pick out the crew for the other schooner also.

Question. That I am not asking about, but just this particular thing. What directions did he give Smith?

Answer. He did not give him any directions that I heard. I only saw him make out the list.

Question. Then you did not hear him or see him direct Smith to go on board?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. How long afterwards did that occur?

The WITNESS. After when?

Mr. WHARTON. After he made out the list.

The WITNESS. Before Smith went on board the vessel?

Mr. WHARTON. I thought it occurred probably at the same moment from the manner you described it.

The WITNESS. While they were boarding he made out the list of the prize crew who were to go.

Question. Then they were selected beforehand and an hour or two afterwards they left?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Then you were not with the second lieutenant when he sent them on board?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Did you know where the Enchantress was to be taken to?

Answer. It would be impossible for me to tell where they were going to. I cannot tell you. I heard on board the vessel that they intended to take her to some Southern port - Charleston or savannah.

Question. Do you know of any messages being sent along with them, or letters, or anything?

Answer. No, sir. I saw papers sent.

Question. What papers?

Answer. I do not know what they were.