War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0091 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. By whom were you told?

Answer. I think by the pursuer, Doctor Babcock.

Question. Did he tell you so after Smith had left or at the time he left?

Answer. After he left I heard different persons on board the jeff. Davis speak about him and his feelings. They wondered how he must feel and spoke of the risks he had to run, &c.

Question. Ans they spoke of him on those occassions as having been designated as prize master?

Answer. Yes, sir; as having charge of the vessel.

Question. Then what you saw of the actual occurrence of his being appointed prize master was merely that he tooka letter and was pointed out and took some menwith him I presume?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did he select the menor were they selected for him?

Answer. I do not know who selected the men.

Question. This you also saw from the cabin?

Answer. We were on deck then.

Question. Then it was after you came up on deck and after the Enchantress was boarded?

Answer. Yes, sir; as soon as she was boarded we were allowed togo on deck.

Question. Did you hear any instructions given to him at all?

Answer. I did not.

Question. Did you know what instructions were given?

Answer. I knew nothing of them.

Question. You do not know where he was to take the Enchantress?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. You do not know what he was to do with her?

Answer. No, sir; I know nothing at all about it.

Question. You say you slept in the cabin - had you as good accomodations as the vessel afforded?

Answer. I suppose about the same as any one on board. We all slept there together, and the captain of marines slept there. The captain and the purser had staterooms.

Question. But the captain of marines and yourself slep in the cabin?

Answer. We slept inberths which were put up in the cabin.

Question. What was your treatment generally?

Answer. We had all we wanted to each, but mostly out of my own provisions.

Mr. WHARTON. But you were allowed to eat your own bread which is not the case with everybody.

The WITNESS. Yes, sir; we had all we wanted in that way.

Question. You have stated that you were ordered below when the vessel came within a few miles of the Enchantress; at other times had you not your liberty about the vessel?

Answer. We had.