War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0090 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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what were their particular ranks, how many officers there were as near as you can? Give us the arrangement of the ship's company.

Answer. Coxetter was the commander; Postellwas the first lieutenant.

Question. Did you ever hear Coxetter called captain?

Answer. I do not know that I ever did. Perhaps I did; I do not recollect. He was considered captain. Whether he was called Captain Coxetter or not I cannot now say.

Question. Give us now the other officers.

Answer. Postell was first lieutenant, and there was a man named Stuart second lieutenant. I think that was the capacity they held there. Babcock was the purser and assistant surgeon. I think that was what they called him.

Question. Did he hold both posts?

Answer. SoI was told.

Question. Then there was a surgeon I take it for granted besides the assistant?

Answer. Yes, sir; but his name I do not know.

Question. Can you give us either the names or titles of any other officers on board?

Answer. I cannot.

Question. You have spoken of marines; who were their officers?

Answer. There was a captain of marines.

Question. Did they seem to be equipped differently from the rest of the ship's company?

Answer. Only when they were on watch at night; then they stood guard over the cabin with muskets and the captain of marines had a pistol when he was on deck.

Question. Did they not seem to be a disting body of men from the rest of the crew?

Answer. I should think probably they were. I do not know what duty the marines did outside of that. They cleaned the guns and the small-arms they had in the cabin.

Question. you have said that Smith, the prisoner, was appointed or designated as prize master. Just tell us if you please all that passed on that subject.

Answer. I know nothing of what passed except that before the papers were fixed I saw the captain and the purser in conversation with Smith. There may have been some others with them. That was a little while before he left.

Question. What papers do you refer to?

Answer. I saw a letter handed to him.

Question. By whom?

Answer. I think Doctor Babcock, the purser.

Question. A sealed letter or an open letter?

Answer. I do not know anything about that.

Question. Did you not hear any of the languange used?

Answer. Nothing whatever.

Question. You said in your examination in chief that he was appointed prize master?

Answer. I was told he was appointed prize master.