War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0086 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. How long after William Smith left did the Jeff. Davis make sail?

Answer. I do not think she made sail that night at all; it was dark. After he left the boat that tookhim and the prize crew on board the Enchantress brought to the jeff Davis Captain Devereux, his son and mate I think - three or four of them - and it was then dark.

Question. Did you see the Enchantress make sail?

Answer. Yes, sir; I saw her make sail and stand away; but I think the Davis lay still all that night. It was squally and rainy.

Question. William Smith did not return with the boat that brought Captain Devereux and the mate to the Jeff. Davis?

Answer. No, sir; I did not see him on board again while I was there.

Question. Did you see any preparationsthat were being made on the Jeff. Davis?

Answer. Yes, sir; the guns were all got ready, the ports were unlashed, the waist guns were pointed and the swivel was shotted and manned and all ready to fire into her it if was needful in olrder to capture her.

Question. What do you mean by the swivel?

Answer. The long guns amindships whoich they could turn all the way round. They brought it to bear on the Enchantress before she came within hailing distance and kept it bearing on her all the while. As soon as the vessel went around in any direction they swiveled the gun around so as to bear on the vessel.

Question. Did you see them load the gun?

Answer. No; but I think it was kept loaded all the time.

Question. How many guns did the Jeff. Davis carry?

Answer. She had four waist guns and this swivel.

Question. Do you know the caliber of the guns?

Answer. I do not.

Question. Do you know whether those guns were loaded at the time of the assault on the Enchantress?

Answer. I was told they were loaded.

Question. Told by whom?

Answer. By the pursued and assistant surgeon.

Question. During the time William Smith was on board the vessel?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you see any other arms on board that ship with the exception of those you have mentioned?

Answer. Yes, sir; I saw muskets, double-barreled guns, pistols, cutlasses, boarding pikes. I should think there were about fifty muskets with bayonets; I cannot say how many double-barreled guns but quite a number.

Question. How many cutlasses?

Answer. I cannot say?

Question. Where were they kept?

Answer. In the cabin.

Question. Were you down in the cabin often?

Answer. Yes, sir; I slept in the cabin.

Question. Do you know whether the muskets and double-barraled guns you speak of were kept loaded?

Answer. Yes, sir; they were said to be loaded.