War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0083 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. Did you not see them at all at Hampton Roads?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. I suppose the Albatross came to anchor in Hampton Roads?

Mr. HARRISON. How far from the shore?

Answer. I suppose as far as from here to the corner; I cannot tell exactly.

Mr. WHARTON. A very short distance?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What was the nearest place?

Answer. We lay right abreast of Fortress Monroe.

Question. How near were you to the fort?

Answer. I suppose we were about 400 or 500 yards from Fortress Monroe.

Question. Do you know that the crew from the Albatross were sent ashore there?

Answer. I do not know any more than that I saw boats from the Albatross go ashore. Boats were going backward and forward from the vessel to the wharf.

Mr. HARRISON. For two days.

Answer. Whilst they lay there. They lay there a couple of days.

Mr. WHARTON. Then the Albatross went off on a cruise?

Answer. She went up the river.

Question. What river?

Answer. I do not know the names of the rivers there.

Mr. ASHTON. Did you see all this?

Answer. I saw when they hauled across and went up the river.

Mr. WHARTON. How long was she gone?

Answer. I cannot tell rightly now.

Mr. WHARTON. You seemto have been very accurate in your recollection of other dates and I thought you might recollect this.

The WITNESS. Well, she was away about five days. She came up in the night.

Question. Did she take you in tow again?

Answer. She came up in the night and enext day she took us in tow.

Question. And then brought you to Philadelphia?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. You say you did not see Smith till you arrived here?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. On board what vessel did you then see him?

Answer. I saw him here in the court.

Question. You did not see him on board the Albatross?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Who were the persons that went from the Albatross to the fortress in boats and back again?

Answer. I do not know who they were.

The court adjourned till to-morrow.