War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0080 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Where did they put him?

Answer. They took him on board and stood him up on deck and then they took him below.

Question. When the steamer was coming down to you did you hear this defendant or any of these men make arrangements about what they would do?

Answer. O, yes; they were arranging themselves to take the names of the Enchantress' crew.

Question. How do you mean?

Answer. One was to act in place of the captain with his name; another in the place of the mate with his name, and so on through the crew.

Question. was there not one less of these men?

Answer. Yes; they were one short.

Question. What about that?

Answer. I heard that they were to say that man was washed overboard.

Question. To whom was all that to be said?

Answer. If any of the U. S. armed vessels should speak them they were to do this of course to get clear.

Question. What was the name of this steamer?

Answer. The Albatross.

Question. Do you know her commander?

Answer. Captain Prentiss.

Question. What did they do with the schooner when they boarded her?

Answer. The first lieutenant boarded her and took the prize crew off her and made them row him to his own vessel, leaving his boat's crew on board to take charge of the Enchantress.

Question. What did they do with the schooner?

Answer. Aprize crew was put on board from the steamer, with me along as cook. Then we made sail in her and steered to Hampton Roads. The steamer came up the us threw us a hawser and towed us to Hampton Roads.

Question. How did you get to Philadelphia?

Answer. After being there seven or eight days the steamer came again took us in tow and brought us up here.

Question. And you have been here ever since?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Are you a man of family?

Answer. No, sir; I have a brother in New York.

Question. What flag had the Enchantress flying when she was captured?

Answer. The American flag.

Question. What flag did she carry after she was captured?

Answer. The American flag. She had no other on board.

Question. This prisoner then kept the American flag still on the vessel?

Answer. Yes, sir; all the flags on board were American.