War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0079 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. How long after the captain left did they make sail?

Answer. As soon as the captain left the boat returned back and brought the prize crew some tobacco from the Jeff. Davis, and in a few minutes the Enchantress set sail. It was dark.

Question. Who took command of her?

Answer. Smith. I suppose he did because he ordered me to get some supper for him.

Question. Did you get the supper?

Answer. Yes, sir; I got him some tea.

Question. During the time you were on board the Enchantress under Smith whatwas your position? What did you do?

Answer. I was cooking; the same as before.

Question. How long were you on board the Enchantress then?

Answer. Sixteen days from the day we were captured.

Question. When were you recaptured?

Answer. On the 22nd of July.

Question. Now tell us what occurred on the 22nd of July.

Answer. Soon after dinner I took my dishes to the galley and washed them. In going back to the cabin with the dishes I saw Smith have a spy-glass. I looked under the lee of the mainsail and I saw a vessel coming that I thought was a steamer. I took my dishes down and came back and took another look and I saw it was a steamer. The steamer was coming right in our direction. Smith said to the men to take the flying jib off to bend but they sang out to Smith, "You had better not bend that jib now because if they see us making sail they will think something and come at us, "Never mind, you canlet it lie. " Then I heard him say, "One of you men go up and sheer over the topsail sheet. " A man went up to do it and was there a considerable while. Then Lane said to me, "You can go in the forecastle, steward; and if they should come and overhaul us and your name is called you can answer. " I said I would rather stay in the galley. I went in the galley and watched the steamer coming. When the steamer saw us tack ship she hauled right up for us. I kept looking through one galley door to the other according as we would go about. We went about three or four times. The schooner was going pretty fast. I still kept looking to see how near the steamer was getting to us. I heard one of the men say, "She has hoisted her flag; " and they went out and hoisted our flag. The steamer hoisted the American flag and we hoisted our American flag. The steamer kept coming on. I heard them say, "It is aman-or-war. " When the steamer got pretty close to us I heard a hail. "What schooner is that?" The reply was "The Enchantress. " "where bound to? "Saint Jago de Cuba. " As soon as that was said I jumped outof my galley and jumped overboard.

Question. How far was the steamer from you?

Answer. About across this room, within speaking distance.

Question. What did you do when you jumped into the water?

Answer. I sang out, "A captured vessel of the privateer Jeff. Davis and they are taking her into Charleston. " I sang it out so that they could hear me on board the steamer.

Question. How did you get out of the water?

Answer. First wen the boat picked me up they took me on boqard the schooner, and then they took the prize crew off the schooner and took me on board the steamer along with them.

Question. Did they take this defendant out of the schooner?

Answer. Yes, sir.