War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0077 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. Howlong have you followed the sea?

Answer. About eight years and a half. I think I went to sea in 1852 or 1853.

Question. What were your duties on board the Enchantress?

Answer. I was cook and steward.

Question. When did she sail from Boston?

Answer. On the 1st of July?

Question. You were on board of her on the 6th of July?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Tell us what you saw that day?

Answer. On the 6th of July about 2 or 3 o'clock we made a sail. I heard them sing out, "Sail, ho!" I looked and saw the sail myself. We were going on our course with a pretty fair breeze of wind, this sail still coming on to us. It came on pretty late; I had supper about 5. 30 o'clock. When we came on deck after supper we saw the sail having the French flag flying. Some of the men said it was a French vessel . It kept coming along and got pretty near us. I was washing my dishes and I heard one of the men sing out forward, "That's a privateer!" I looked over my galley and I saw they had the French flag set and were ramming home a cartidge. I saw the big gun amindships. She came around, hailed us and told us to heave to. The captain sung out something to her, and she kept on and came round on the stern. Then I heard them sing out for us to lower away our foresail and haul down our jib. The captain dod so and hove our vessel to, and then I saw a boat come to us. Previous to that when they got on the starboard side of us they hauled down the French flag and hauled up the Confederate flag. Then they lowered the boat; the boat came alongside of us and some of the men got off and spoke to the captain. I took notice of a man with a galzed cap on and a white coat.

Question. How many men came on board?

Answer. I cannot tell how many men were in the boat. It was a boat's crew.

Question. Where was the captain of the Enchantress?

Answer. Aft, on the quarter deck.

Question. Did these men speak to the captain?

Answer. Yes, sir; I saw them go and speak to the captain. I could not hear what they said because I was forward.

Question. What did the captain do if anything after they had spoken to him?

Answer. He went down into the cabin.

Question. Did he bring up anything with him?

Answer. I did not take notice whether he did or not.

Question. What did these men do to the sailors on board the Enchantress?

Answer. They said, "Men, get ready to go on board the Jeff. Davis; take all the things belonging to you. "

Question. Who said that?

Answer. I heard that man (Smith) say so.

Question. was Smith one of those men?

Answer. O, yes, sir.

Question. Did your captain go into the boat?

Answer. Not at first. They took us on board, and then the boat returned to the Enchantress with the prize crew and took off the captain and his son and the mate.

Question. Were you in that boat?

Answer. Yes, sir.