War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0075 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. That was the nearest land?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Was that in your direct course to Saint Jago?

Answer. Yes, sir; we steering in a directcourse.

Question. You did not remain long enough upon the Enchantress at the time of her capture to know what course she was directed to take; do you know anything about that?

Answer. In the bustle of the moment I dod not take any notice of it.


Question. Did you ever see the defendant Smith until you saw him on board the Enchantress on the 6th of July?

Answer. I never did.

Question. How long did you have an opportunity of seeing him on that occasion?

Answer. An hour or more.

Question. Have you seen him before to-day since he has been confined in Moyamensing Prison?

Answer. I have been thereand seen him.

Question. How often have you seen him in prison?

Answer. I have been there twice, I think.

Question. Why did you go to see him?

Answer. I did not go in to see him in particular. I went in to see the prison.

Mr. HARRISON. I ask why youw ent to see the prisoner and by whose authority did you go?

The WITNESS. I went because I wished to go.

Mr. HARRISON. Was it a visit entirely of a friendly character that you made to Smith?

Answer. That was all.

Mr. ASHTON. Excuse me. I may be that the witness does not understand your question.

Mr. HARRISON. I will try to make him understand it.

Mr. ASHTON. He went there by my authority once to twice.

Mr. HARRISON. Then I understand you, Mr. Page, that you were sent there or were authorized by the Government officers to go to that prison?

The WITNESS. Yes, sir.

Mr. HARRISON. That brings me to the very point to which my interogatory was addressed. Unless you have been directed to the cell where you were told Smith was, if you had met him anywhere else would you have been able to identify him?

Answer. I would.

Question. You recollection of him was sufficient without the visit?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. The object of the visit then was not to enable you to identify Smith or to see whether you could identify him?

Answer. It was not.

Question. Why did you pay him a second visit?

Answer. Because I wished to go to the prison and see him and I went upon authority.