War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0070 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. In whose possession was the Enchantress at that time?

Answer. The prize cre from the brig.

Question. And there was no member of the Enchantress' crew except Jacob Garrick on board of her then?

Answer. None.

Question. Was the cargo on board of the schooner to which you have referred in the possessionof the defendant and the other four men?

Answer. It was.

Question. Was any portion of that cargo removed by you or by Captain Devereux or any of you?

Answer. There was not.

Question. What did you take with you to the brig?

Answer. We took our clothes.

Question. The clothes you had on?

Answer. All our clothes that belonged to us.

Question. Were the charts of the vessel and the instruments of navigation left on board?

Answer. They would not let us take them.

Question. Who would not let you take them?

Answer. The prize crew and the officer of the brig said we must leave everything on board in the schooner - the nautical instruments, charts, &c.

Question. Whenyou went on board the brig Jeff. Davis what was her condition in regard to arms?

Answer. She carried five guns, two on each side, and -

Question. What was their caliber?

Answer. I could not swear to their caliber, but I heard some of them say they were two 18s, two 12-pounders and one long 18 amidships (a pivot gun).

Question. What was the number of her crew?

Answer. About 100 men and officers.

Question. Was there any cargo on board of her that you saw?

Asnwer. None that I saw.

Question. You have seenmen-of-war, Mr. Page ; was she manner and equipped as a vessel of war?

Answer. She was, to the best of my judgment.

Question. Now, to return, when the Enchatress hove to how many hundred yards was this vessel from her?

Answer. A very short distance: I cannot state exactly.

Question. Could you from the deck of the Enchantress see the brig very plainly or not?

Answer. We could.

Question. Could you see the men on her?

Answer. We saw perhaps some twelve or fifteen when she first ordered us to heave to.

Question. You say this gun amidships was a pivot gun. In what position was it?

Answer. It was pointed at us, and as we went across his bow to go to windward to heave to he swiveled his gun around - kept it to balance all the time.