War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0069 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. That was your flag?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did the man obey the order?

QAuestion. The flag was removed?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Where did those men post themselves when they came on board the Enchantress?

Answer. The men went all over the vessel - anywhere they chose. The officer went aft to the captain.

Question. Did he ask you for the captain?

Answer. He asked me where the captain was. I told him he was aft.

Question. Did you hear what he said to the captain?

Answer. I did.

Mr. WHARTON. Would it not be better to let him tell his whole story himself? Oftentimes the incidents in regular order may present a different impression from the same incidents brought out by various questions not pursuing the exact order of events.

Judge GRIER. The best way is to let the witness tell his story and then ask him as to anything he has omitted.

Mr. ASHTON. That is exactly what I wanted. (To witness.) Go on with your statement.

The WITNESS. The officer asked our captain where he was from and where bound and what was his cargo. The captain told him. He then said, "I will thank you for your papers, captain; you are a prize of the Confederate brig. Jeff. Davis; get ready to go on board of her. " The officer asked if I was the mate of the vessel. I told him I was. Said he: "Show me where your stores are. " I showed him. He took two of his men down into the cabin and they took out whatever stores they wanter and put them into their boat. They then took the Enchantress' crew (with the exception of Captain Devereux, his son and myself) into the boat. The lieutenant and three men remained on board the schooner.

Judge CADWALADER. When you say lieutenant you mean the boarding officer?

The WITNESS. Yes, sir; the lieutenant of the Jeff. Davis. Three men rowed back to the privateer with all our men except Captain Devereux, his son and myself. Some half hour's time elapsed and they came back to our vessel withthe prize crew, five men. The lieutenant then gave Captain Devereux, his son and myself orders to get ready to go in the boat. We put our things in the boat and got in ourselves, and they rowed us to the brig and we went on board.

Mr. ASHTON. Nowlet me interrupt you at this point and ask you if the defendant, the prisoner at the bar here, was one of those five men?

Answer. He was, sir.

Judge GRIER. One of the five who were left in the possession of your vessel? Is that what you mean?

Answer. Yes, sir; they were left in r vessel.

Mr. ASHTON. Let me ask you another question before you go on. Was any member of the Enchantress' crew brought back in that boat?

Answer. Yes, sir; Jacob Garrick, the negro cook. He came back in the boat that brought the prize crew on board. The officer asked the prisoner at the bar what they brought him back for. He said the captain would not have him on board the brig and the prisoner at the bar said, "He will fetch $1,500 when we get him into Charleston. "

Question. You went on board the brig?

Answer. Yes, sir.