War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0066 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. On your account?

Answer. Part of the goods were on my account. Some of them were sent on freight by these various Boston shippers.

Question. What was her tonnage.

Answer. I think her tonnage was about 180 tons.

Question. Where was she to go after leaving Saint Jago?

Answer. She was to procure freight or to be loaded with sugar on my account and return to Boston or some Norther port in the United States.

Question. Have you the charter with you?

Answer. I gave the charter to Mr. Woodbury, the U. S. commissioner, in Boston, and I understood him to say that he had sent it on with the other papers to Philadelphia.

Mr. ASHTON. To whom?

The WITNESS. To Mr. Morton P. Henry. I asked Mr. Woodbury for it when he wished me to come on here as a witness. He told me he did not find it among his papers and he thought he had sent it on. He did not think it material.

Mr. ASHTON. I have not seen it.

Mr. WHARTON. That has nothing to do with the transaction I suppose. I presume it must have been some other affair of business; was it?

The WITNESS. I think it had something to do with the release of the vessel.

Mr. ASHTON. The question of salvage was it not?

The WITNESS. I think so.

CHARLES W. PAGE called and sworn and examined by Mr. ASHTON:

Question. Where do you reside, Mr. Page?

Answer. In Newburyport.

Question. Do you know the schooner Enchantress?

Answer. I do.

Question. What was you connection with that schooner on the 6th of July, 1861?

Answer. I was first officer of her.

Question. When did she sail from Boston on that voyage?

Answer. The 1st day of July.

Question. Who was the captain of the schooner?

Asnwer. Captain John Devereux.

Question. Who were the mariners on board the schooner?

Answer. Joseph Taylor, John Devereux, Antoine, a Portuhuese, I do not recollect his last name; Peter, a German, his last name I do not recollect, and Jacob Garrick, a colored man, the cook.

Question. This John Devereux whom you mention now was not the captain?

Answer. The captain's son.

Question. Then the captain was named John Devereux and one of the mariners was John Devereux, Jr.?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. When was her cargo taken on board?

Answer. During the last week in June.