War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0065 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. And that cargo was on board of her so far as you know on the 6th of July?

Answer. I presume that it was. It was on board the 2nd andmust have been on board on the 6th.

Mr. WHARTON. You did not go with the vessel?

The WITNESS. I did not go with the vessel. I saw the vessel partly loaded and was down on the whard when she completed her loading.

Mr. ASHTON. Did you ever see the bills of lading for thr articles on board the vessel shipped by Mr. Greely?

Answer. I have seen most of the bills of lading, having had the freight list made out from them.

Question. Are there the bills of lading for Mr. Greeley's articles?[Exhibiting to the witness a number of bills of lading.]

Answer. These are the bills of lading of the goods shipped by Mr. Greeley.

Mr. WHARTON. One moment about that. How do you know that, Mr. Priest?

Answer. I chartered the vessel and made out a freight list of the articles.

Mr. WHARTON. I want to know how you know these particular papers?

The WITNESS. I saw these papers originally in Boston before Captain Devereux signed them.

Mr. WHARTON. Before they were signed?

The WITNESS. I saw thembefore and after. I knew that such articles were to be shipped and saw them.

Mr. ASHTON. It is not important.

Mr. WHARTON. I do not know that it is improtant but the district attorney seemed to suppose it was important to have these particular papers identified. I do not understand that what the witness says gives any validity to the papers. All that he says is that he saw them on a prior occasion.

The WITNESS. I presume these are the same.

Judge CADWALALDER. I do not see that it is very important on either side.

Mr. WHARTON. I do not know that it is. I presume the witness has not that particular knowledge which would justify those particular papers going in.

Mr. ASHTON. Mr. Priest, the articles you have mentioned, so far as you know, were on board the vessel on the 6th of July, 1861.

The WITNESS. As far as I know they were.

Question. They were on board of her when the vessel left the port?

Answer. They were on board when she left Boston.

Question. Is Mr. Greeley a resident of Boston?

Question. Is Mr. Greeley a resident of Boston?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Cross-examined by Mr. WHARTON:

Question. To whom was she consigned?

Answer. To the house of Masperan, Prenard & Co., of Saint Jago de Cuba.

Question. For what purpose was the cargo sent there?

Answer. For the purpose of sale.