War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0040 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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CAMP CHASE, NEAR COLUMBUS, OHIO, September 13, 1861.

Judge KEY.

DEAR SIR: The undersigned, made prisoners of war at Rich Mountain and Laurel Hill on the 11th and 12th of July last and having been by order of General Scott released after giving ur parole of honor to yourself and Major Dennison, would respectfully represent that having remained in Beverly at your request and trusting in your assurance that we would be sent home as soon as the sick and wounded under our care were well enough to travel, we have been bought here and put in prison in disregard of said parole, which was faithfully observed on our part. Colonel Bosley, commanding at Beverly, and the other officers there will testify to our good behavior during the eight weeks that we remained there on parole. The sick and wounded under our care (who also gave you their parole on the 16th of July, as your books will testify) recovered sufficiently to travel and got their discharge from the hospital. Some of these left Beverly several weeks ago under the care of our surgeons and as we hear were sent home according to your promise. The est of them whom we remained behind to nurse have also been brought her and put in prison with us. Our party left Beverly under a military guard last Sunday the 8th instant. We were all assured then by Colonel Bosley that we were to be sent home just as the party that preceded us. At Grafton we were told by eneral Kelley and Adjutant Hawkes that we would be sent home immediately be way of Old Point and Norfolk. We came here still on parole attended by Lieutenant Delaney without a guard, and not until yesterday morning, when we were confined in his place, did we learn that our capors were acting in bad faith toward us or else that we had been misrepresented to them.

We do not write you this to tell you of our disappontment or to make you responsible for it. Some of our sick and wounded we believe would never have recovered ieing sent home had not been held out to them, and two of them seem to be sinking under their present disappointment. But we appeal to you as a man of honor to redeem yur promise tous to use your influence with those in authority over us for our release from confinement and return home. We are not dangerous characters. Our conduct for the last nie weeks as well as our present circumstances will prove this. We religiously respected our parole and will do so when get home. We will regard ourselves as prisoners there are truly as we are here.

We are fourteen in number; seven were severely wounded, four of whom are still very feeble; there are jut recovering from severe spells of typhoid fever and four have been and still are nurses as above represented.

Believing that you will not suffer us to remain here long to regret that we trused the word of Judge Key and of General McClellan, and that it is now without your knowledge or consent that we are confined here,

We remain, respectfully,


Company D, Twentieth Regiment Virginia Vols., Powhatan County.


Lee Battry, Lynchburg, Va.


Company G, Twenty-third Regiment Virginia Vols., Louisa County.


Company G, Twentieth Regiment Virginia Vols., Charlotte County.

NOTE. -Nominal list of sick and wounded omitted.