War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0026 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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or request them sent somewhere else? General Lee seems not very far off but did not learn where. Our scouts brought in six prisoners this evening.




Major General R. E. LEE.

SIR: Our recent correspondence on the subject of an exchange of prisoners has been referred to the general commanding this department and the following are his instructions:

His proposition for exchange of prisoners appears humane, but without some limitation and qualifications those expressed in his note cannot be acceded to.

First. We cannot send to him prisoners taken here in exchange for prisoners taken at Manassas without giving him advantages of the local knowledge they have acquired while receiving none in return.

Second. We cannot avail ourselves of the services of the prisoners we would receive on this line while the reverse is the case with him.

You may give a list of prisoners as you propose, but will state to him the difficulties which the commanding general finds in the way of effecting this humane purpose.

The list above referred to I supposed had been retained at Beverly but I find such no to be the case, the list being of a very small portion of the road prisoners. I have taken steps, however, to obtain the complete list, and will have it in a few days in case any further negotiations should take place on this subject. You have in your possession two citizens who strayed from my camp and were taken by your pickets. I have some persons detained under like circumstances and would be glad to exchange them by conveying two of these persons to our other pickets.

Very respectfully,



John W. Dearing, Michael Dillon, Richard M. Harvey, August Peyrusset, Heny Mills, Austin C. Williams, John M. Morgan, John Cunningham, William H. Hazelhurst, John Mark, Henry A. Run, C. H. Marriott, Richard Lewis, John H. Edwards, John G. S. Tucket, A. C. Delahay, William Perry, Charles Campbell, Robert Barret, Edward Flynn, Daniel Courtney, George Hawkins, Richard R. Jeffries, George S. Harrison, Hugh Monagrow, John Mallings, George H. Roberts, Edward Murphy, Thomas Woods, George Sawden and John Cronin. The above named were of the crew of the rebel privateer Petrel, captured by the U. S. friagate Saint Lawrence and brought into the port of Philadelphia August 8, 1861. They were taken to Fort Lafayette February 5, 1862, where they were transferred to the charge of the War Department February 15, 1862. - From Record Book "Arrest for Disloyalty," State Department.

ALBUQUERQUE [N. MEX.], August 20, 1861.

Colonel E. R. S. CANBY,

Commanding Department of New Mexico, Santa Fe, N. Mex.

COLONEL: I have the honor herewith to transmit through your headquarters the paroles of honor to Lieutenants McNally and Cressey, and