War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0022 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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[JULY 27, 1861. -For reports, correspondence, &c., relating to the surrender of Union troops in New Mexico, see Vol. IV, Series I, p. 1, et seq.]

Terms of surrender of U. S. troops to C. S. troops, July 27, 1861, San Augustine Springs, N. Mex.

The undersigned, Major I. Lynde, Seventh Infantry, U. S. Army, agrees to surrender his command on condition that they receive the treatment of prisoners of war, families secure from insult, private property to be respected.

Officers after giving their parole can elect which route they prefer in leaving the Department of New Mexico to go to any part of the United States.

The enlisted men of the command will be disarmed and given the liberty of the post of Fort Bliss until instructions can be received from General Van Dorn, C. S. Army, as to their future disposition.

To all which the commanding officer, J. R. Baylor, lieutenant-colonel, C. S. Army, agrees.


Major, Seventh Infantry.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Mounted Rifles, C. S. Army.

Recapitulation of troops surrendered at San Augustine Springs, N. Mex., July 27, 1861.

Released on parole: 1 major, 2 assistant surgeons, 2 captains, 5 first lieutenants, 1 second lieutenant; total commissione, 11: 1 sergeant-major, 1 quartermaster-sergeant, 1 principal musician, 23 sergeants, 22 corporals, 7 musicians, 344 privates; total enlisted, 399; aggregate, 410.

In confidement as prisoners of war: 1 sergeant, 15 privates; total, 16.

Deserted to the enemy: 1 hospital steward, 1 sergeant, 24 privates; total, 26.

Available for service not paroled: 2 sergeants, 3 corporals, 35 privates; total, 40.


Captain, Seventh Infantry, Commanding.


July 27, 1861.

ASST. ADJT. General FOR General B. F. BUTLER,

Commanding Fortress Monroe.

SIR: By direction of the general commanding I send by the bearer, Captain Bryan, letters from officers of your command, prisoners of war. The object of these letters is to procure clothing and other necessaries for their comfort. If these articles are sent by Captain Bryan they will be at once forwarded to their owners. I have understood from the public prints that Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram, C. S. Army, was a