War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1525 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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Case of Robert Wood.

Robert Wood, native of Elizabenth City County, Va. ; thirty years of age; married man, with children; no specific charge against him; no proof; professes entire loyalty. Says that he was arrested by the enemy; carried to Old Point; refused to take their oath of allegiance and was discharged on parole. - Report of S. S. Baxter, Commissioner.


This day Ann Maria Hopkins, of said county, but late of Elizabenth City County, Va., personally appeared before me, B. F. Smith, a justice of the peace in and for said county, and mae oath that in the latter part of May, 1861, and after the said county of Elizabenth City had been invated by the Federal troops, she was on Fox Hill, in said county of Elizabeth City, at the house of one William P. Phillips; that one Robert Wood, of said county, who married the daughter of said William P. Phillips, came to the said house from the residence of one John P. Topping on Fox Hill and stated that he had seen about 100 Yankees at saint Topping's; that he heard they were there and that he had gone on that day to see what they had to say; that he exhibited a pass which he said an officer of the Federal troops had given him to got where the pleased; that he had on that day promised to prepare for them (the Federal troops) a map or chart of the country in that neighborhood, and that on the same day he did prepare a map or chart of Fox Hill with all the roads and houses of prominent citizens marked on it; that he folded it up and put it in his pocket and said he intended to give it to the Federal troops.


Given under my hand this 2nd September, 1861.


Justice of the Peace.

RICHMOND, October 8, 18861.

While on a visit to my county some time in June I was told by Mr. Frank Guy that Mr. Robert Wood had furnished a map of the county to the enemy and was a bearer of information to the enemy by writing to Mr. J. F. Moor, of Elizabeth City County. He can furnished you with the names of the witnesses. The people of the county are much incensed against him. Mr. Guy also told me some female had seen the map and would appear against him.


Lieutenant, C. S. Army.

Report of Commissioner Baxter.

RICHMOND, VA., April 26, 1862.

Prisoner was born and raised in Hampton. In his examination he admits he was appointed by Lincoln surveyor of the port of Hampton. Says he did not solicit the appointment but it was procured for him by Joseph Segar. When he was informed that Mr. Segar would procure the office for him the State of Virginia had not seceded and it was believed by many it would not secede. He consulted his friends and