War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1505 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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is a communication addressed to Hon. J. Davis, stating facts in relation to the doctor and signed by some of the gentleman of this town. We trust it may be the means of procuring his discharge. Will you, my brother, see that it is put into the hands of Mr. Davis at the earliest possible moment? By so doing you will have the consciousness that you have done what you could to release a worthy brother in Christ from a painful and unnecessary confinement and bring happiness to a distressed and highly worthy family. Will you also use your personal influence to bring about so worthy an object?

Yours, affectionately, in the truth,


Pastor of Bath Church.


BATH, STEUBEN COUNTY, N. Y., October 16, 1861.


This is to certify that we, the undersigned, residents of the village of Bath aforesaid, are familiarly acquainted with Dr. Stephen Hagadorn, of this village, now a prisoner at Richmond, in the State of Virginia. That said Hagadorn is highly esteemed as a citizen, a physician and a Christian, being a member of the Baptist Church in this village. Unassuming in this intercourse but always up to his pretensions, his word always reliable; is strictly a civilian, never seeking military or political honors not so much as holding a town office. The doctor has a son by the name of S. H. Hagadorn, who left this village about the 6th of January last, went to Milwaukee, in the State of Wisconsin, and there without his father's knowledge enlisted, which facts came to his father's knowledge, and on the 17th of July last prompted by parental affection to look after his son the doctor left his home for the city of Washington without the least hostile intentions and expecting to return home in a very few days, and that by the way of the city of New York for the purpose of replenishing his stock of medicines as required in his practice as a physician.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

R. Campbell, Lieutenant-Governor of New York; D. Rumsey, Jr., ex-Member of Congress; W. Barnes, judge of Steuben County, N. Y., Orson Mosher, clerk of Steuben County, N. Y. ; Reuben Robie, ex-Member of Congress; W. Y. Hubbell, ex-Member Twenty-eighth Congress; O. Seymour, sheriff Steuben County, N. Y. ; James Lindsay, justice of the peace in and for Steuben County; O. R. Howard, rector Saint Thomas' Church (P. E.); E. R. Kasson, under-sheriff Steuben County, N. Y. ; E. J. Scott, pastor of Bath Church; D. M. Van Camp, insurance agent.



Steuben County, Clerk's Office, ss:

I, Oscar J. Averell, deputy clerk of the county of Steuben, do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with each and every one of the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing petition and statement and that I believe the signatures thereto are the genuine signatures of the individuals whom they purport to be; and further