War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1438 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Robert Miller. -Born in Randolph County, Va. ; says he is one of Captain Tyree's company in the Wise Legion; on Wise's retreat from Kanawha went home for two reasons-first, his wife was sick, second, he was himself crippled. Before he entirely recovered he started to join Captain Tyree's company. Applied at Floyd's camp on his way for a pass to Join Tyree, and was arrested and sent here. Captain Tyree tried to get him released that he might join his company and failed. Mr. Coleman proves he is a man of good character. I recommend he be sent here to Tyree's company.

A. B. Gesh (Buck Mason). -Was born in Botetourt County, Va. ; removed to Fayette several years since. Has borne a good character. as an honest, industrious man; arrested by the militia. Was a union man up to the passage of the ordinance of secession by Virginia; desirous now to go with the State of Virginia. No caseu for his arrest stated; probably on mere suspicion. Colonel Coleman proves he was at General Beckley's camp immediately after the arrest, when the question whether Gesh ought to have been arrested wad discussed, and no cause of arres was then alleged. I recommend he be discharged on taking oath of allegiance. Witnesses examined, Colonel Coleman, Mr. Alderson.

Addison Neff. -Born in Greenbrier; age twenty-one; lives in Fayette; no cause for arrest assigned; says his brother was stabbed and expected to die. As soon as the enemy left Dogwood Camp he started to Greenbrier to see his brother. Applied for a pass at Meadwo Bluff; was arrested. He voted against secession but will abide by the action of the State. Mr. Snider proves Neff's brother was of a family faithful to the Southern cause and he believes Neff himself was faithful. Proves his brother was stabbed, and for a long time it was believed he would die, and that while the armies were not in the country the families passed to visit each other frequently. I recommend that he be discharged on taking the oath of allegiance.

Dr. P. Lawrence. -Was born in Montgomery County, Va. ; removed to Fayette near two years since. He was arrested going to join the camp of the Virginia militia. One Light had received a letter from Colonel Coleman requesting all the men from his vicinity to join the militia who could do so, and in consequence of this letter he started and was arrsted on his way. Colonel Coleman proves that while he considered it dangerous to send a draft for the militia in that vicinity he did write such a letter, and that after his removal to Fayette he has conducted himself as a peaceable citizen. Mr. W. Staples proves that while he lived in Montgomery County Lawrence was faithful to the South. He voted against secession, but is opposed to the Wheeling government and supports the Confederate Government. I recommend he be discharged on taking the oathof allegiance.

Samuel Ramsay. -seems to have been arrested on suspicion. He was in Fayette County. His uncle and one of his cousins who lived in Nicholas County are active in supporting the invasion of Western Virginia by the United States. The prisoner has had no connection with the army of the United States or with the Peirpoint government. He professes to adhere to the Confederate States and to the State of Virginia, and is willing to take the oath of allegiance. I recommend his discharge on doing so. Witnesses examine, Coleman and Alderson.