War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1436 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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and documents were addressed. This was repeatedly done after the mails were stopped in Cabell County, but Rouse seems to have permitted this as a matter of kindness to his neighbors and not as an officer of the Governor or as a partisan. He denies he was commissioner, and it is proved that J. C. Wheeler was commissioner and tried all the political cases in the county. Is proved to be a man of good character and a quiet peaceable citizen. I recommend he be discharged on taking the oath of allegiance.

Stephen Eades. -Born in Albermarle County, Va. ; has lived in Fayette County seven or eight years; voted against secession, but declared his willingness to abide by and support the result in the State; joined the Southern militia called out by authority of Governor Letcher, but after being one day in camp he was sent home to await further orders; proved to be a peaceable, quiet citizen; says he never had naything to do with the Northern Army or Government. Witnesses examined, Mr. Coleman, delegate in Virginia Legislature from Fayette and Nicholas; Mr. Alderson, of State Senate. I recommend he be discharged on taking the oath of allegiance.

William H. Jones. -Born in Fluvanna; has lived in Fayette three years; is a slave owner, opposed to abolition; keeps a tavern near Dogwood Camp; some of the enemy in passing got their dinners at his house; he says he avoided communication with them and has never had communication with the Northern Army; was a Union man but willing to go out of the Union if Virginia seceded; is willing to take the oath of allegiance to Virginia and the Confederate States. I recommend his discharge on taking these oaths. Same witnesses examined as in the above cases.

Samuel Short. -Born in Halifax County, Va. ; raised in Franklin; has lived in Fayette ten years; is a secessionist; was arrested by independent scouts (a species of force not belonging to any military organization) who took from him two horses that have never been returned to him or delivered to the military authorities; was bitterly hostile to the abooition feeling in Fayette; is a quiet, peaceable, industrious man; has had no connection with the Northern Army; has furnished supplies to our army; supposed to be arrested in consequence of rumors started by the men who took his horses. I recommend his discharge. Witnesses examined, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Alderson.

Henry Worrall. -Born in Rhode Island; has lived in Wayne three or four years; voted against secession; had had no connection with the Peirpoint government. Recongnizes the government of Virginia and the Confederate Government as his government. I recommend his discharge on taking the oath of allegiance. Witness, Beekman.

George Hunt. -Born in Massachusetts; has lived in Fayette County for ten years; has taken no part in the contest; voted against secession but considered himself bound by the act of secession to support the constitution and laws of Virginia and of the Confederate States. Man of good character and an orderly, quiet citizen. He had no connection with the Federal army and has given it no aid. I recommend his discharge on taking the oath of allegiance. Witnesses, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Alderson.