War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1432 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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H. H. Smith. -Native of New York; twenty-seven years of age; a printer; a smart knave, and an alien enemy of bad intent.

Thomas Williams. -Native of Ohio; fifty-seven years old; Union man; professes loyalty; arrested in Boone County, Va. ; has resided in Virginia since he was fifteen months old. Boat builder and lumber getter; took the oath of allegiance. No charge; no proof; owns 269 acres of land.

David Williams. -Son of Thomas; twenty-two years of age; Union man; cultivates rented land; married man; has a brother serving under General Floyd; took the oath of allegiance.

J. W. Cole. -Native of Floyd County; twenty-four years of age; backsmith; Union man; has a brother serving under General Floyd; took the oath of allegiance; no charge.

James Cantley. -Native of Monroe County; resides in Bone; farms his own land; 100 acres; Union man; took the oath of allegiance; no charge; no proof. I respectfully recommend that these men be discharged.

Henry B. Bagby. -A lad seventeen years old; a Virginian, having relations and property here. His relations are highly respectable. His father is a claim agent residing in Alexandria County, about four miles from Washington. He was on a visit to his father when the Federal picket retreated, and he was captured by our picket. I see no reason for detainig him.

John S. Bower. -The Adjutant-General has directed him to be discharged upon taking the oath of allegiance. I had previosly examined the prisoner and think the discharge correct, and have caused the prisoner to take the oath, which is herewith returned, but I can find no law for it.

W. H. Byrd. -He is a native of Georgia; his wife a Philadelphian. Up to the 31st of August last he was Auditor of the War Department in the Railroad Department of Lincoln's Government. I have examined him very carefully, and my present impression is that he is a very bad persons and a spy. Further evidence which will throw much evidence upon his status can be had from Augusta, and I recommend that he be detained for further examination, when I will report in detail upon his case.

M. A. McClung, Alexander McClung, John W. O'Dell, Thomas A. Ramsay, Antohny Rader, Thomas Haywood. -Can find nothing in my opinion to justify their detention. The first two were sent down from General Floyd's brigade, but as they allege without his knowledge and withoutany specific charge against them, and none is made here except that they are suspected of diloyalty. The first, M. A. McClung, says that he is a secessionist and was arrested only because he was passing through General Floyd's camp to visit his brother in General Wise's camp the day before the battle of Cross Lanes, because as he was told no one could be allowed to leave that camp until after the battle which was then expected, and when after the battle the prisoners were sent down he was sent along without examination. The other four were