War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1430 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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William Hurst. -Twenty years of age; a native of Fairfax where his father resides. No proof of anything to justify his detention.

Henry Kernoll. -Sixty-nine years of age; native of New York; has resided twelve years in Fairfax County; owns 223 acres of land; has a pass from S. S. Tompkins, Army of the Potomac, which I inlcose. He says that Tompkins is one of our officers. If so, I think he ought to be discharged.

Dwight J. Partello. -Native of New Jersey; twenty years of age; was engaged selling newspapers from Richmond at Manassas when he was arrested. His father lives in Maryland, but is, he says, from New Orleans. He has two sisters married and residing in Richmond, one of whom was before me. No charge against him. He was at once time employed in the laboratory here, under-Smith, and honorably discharged. Took the oath of allegiance. I see no reason to detain him.

Simon Schermerhorn. -Native of New York; forty-five years of age; a cripple, for aught that appears before me his arrest and confinement were cruel. He was arrested near Yorktown by a guard and never examined. He has some children here and some in New York, and some property there. Prfers to remain in Virginia if he can do so without losing his property at the North.

Wiliam Belvin. -Native of Virginia; of Gloucester; oysterman, twenty-seven years old; has three brothers in our army at Gloucester Point; a married man; no charge against him. He ought to be discharged.

Benjamin Kimball. -Fifty-five years of age; native of Maine; resident of New Market, Elizaberth City County; married and has four children. His wife was a widow with children, and one of her sons, a Virginian, in our army. Belvin married his daughter; an oysterman; took the oath of allegiance; no charge against him. I think he ought to be discharged.

Joseph Rollins. -A native of York County. No charge against him. He ought to be discharged.

Ludwig Hesse. -A German; forty-one years of age; came to America in 1849; naturalized citizen. Took the oath of allegiance to the Confederate States. Has been confined six weeks. A resident of Martinsburg, where he has property. I think he is a fair man, and was arrested in part because of a personal quarrel and in part because of the prejudice against foreigners. I think he should be discharged.

George W. Pracher. -A native of Jefferson County, Va. I think he is a knave. The evidence against him if true convicts him of actual treason, and if it be false there is no legal cause for his detention. He should be turned over to the proper tribunal for trial for treason against the Confederate Government.

John Fleming. -A native of Berkeley County, Va. ; thirty-seven years old. There is no specific charge against him, and no proof of any kind.