War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1423 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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sion under an order obtained if necessary from the Adjutant-General. The inquiry with respect to them may be the same as in the case of political prisoners.

Very respectfully,


Secretary of War.

HEADQUARTERS, Knoxville, Tenn., May 2, 1862.

J. R. TAYLOR, Esq.,

Deputy Provost-Marshal for Bradley and Polk Counties.

SIR: Your favor of the 30th ultimo has been received. I sent you some blank passports yesterday. In reference to parties visiting the near towns or border counties of Georgia for a few days you can issue them upon your own responsibility, but would advise you to be very rigid in questioning such applicants. When application is made for passports to visit any other State they must be referred to these headquarters. If you find parties from other districts you must demand their passports. If they have none they must satisfy you of their standing. If they know no one in your district and are suspicious characters they must refer you to some party in their own district to identify them. Make no arrests unless you are forced to do so by urgent necessity. Use your power with delicacy yet firmness; keep yourself well posted as regards the movements of suspicious Union men, and any important event transpiring communicate to these headquarters. If you should need any assistants report to me the names of efficient soldiers stationed or in your district of furlough. The salary of your office has not as yet been determined. Your rank is deputy provost-marshal. Allow no soldiers to be in your district (unless on duty) without a furlough. If you find any arrest and report to this office. In no case grant passports to persons desiring to pass toward the enemy's line. Keep an account of your postage till we get fully organized.



Colonel and Provost-Marshal.


Knoxville, May 7, 1862.

J. R. TAYLOR, Deputy Provost-Marshal, Cleveland, Tenn.:

Yours of the 6th instant by Captain Jones is to hand. You will call on the captain of cavalry at Cleveland to assist Captain Jones to arrest any of his own men and to arrest any citizen that is endeavoring to persuade soldiers to desert their companies and join the enemy when the proof shows that they are doing it. You will not allow men that have been to Kentucky to return home for the purpose of getting men to return there with them. As regards whisky I refer you to the proclamation of General Smith.



Colonel and Provost-Marshal.


Assistant Provost-Marshal.