War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1368 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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company designated "prisoners of war," and no distinction made among them. Since then Dr. Rossvally has been reported hereto be a spy, and I immediately ordered him to the public jail. Another whose name I think is Widgen says hisconfienment is for treasonable language, and demands a habeas corpus to show causeof detention. If these men are citizens they ave a constitutional right to a trial, but I give them no answer till I hear from you. There are also some foreigners who are to enlist in our volunteer ranks, and the officers and men all are desirous of going home on their oath not to serve agianst the Confederacy, who has been reocgnized and esteemed here as a gentleman, particularly by Captain Crossan, who captured him. He lives in Ohio, and is pressing me for a dishcarge on his oath to serve no more in any capacity against the Confederate States. Do you choose to give me any direction about these men, or shall I send them to Richmond, where the proof if any against them must exist?

Very respectfully,


Governor, &c.

An act respecting alien enemies, approved August 8, 1861.

The Congress of the Conrederate States of America do enact, That whenever thereshall be a declared war between the Confederate States and any foreign nation or government, or any invasion or predatory incursion shall be perpetrated, attempted r threatened against the territory of the Confederate States by any foreign nation or government and the President of the Confederate States ahll lamation of the event, or thesame shall be proclaimed by act of Congress, all natives, citizens, denizens or subjects of the hostile nation or government, being males of fourteen years of age and upward, who shall be within the Confederate States and not citizens thereof shall be liable to be apprehended, restrained or secured and removed as alien enemies:

Provided, That during the existing war citizens of the United Statesresiding within the Confederate States with intent to becoe citiznes thereof and who shall make a declaration of such intnetion in due form, and acknowleding the authority of the Government of the same, shall not become liable as aforesiad, nor shall this act extend to citizens of the States of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and of the District of Colubmia and the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico and the Indian Territory south of Kansas who shall not be chargeable with actual hostility or other aginst the public safety and who shall acknowledge the authroity of the Government of the Confederate states.

SEC 2. The President of the Confederate States shall be and he is hereby authorized by his proclamation or other ublic act, in case of exisitng who not being permitted to reside within the Confederate States shall refuse or neglect to depart therefrom; and to establish such regulations in the premises as thepublic safety may require.

SEC 3. Immediately after the passage of this act the President of the Confederate States shall by proclamationreuqire all citizens of the United States, being males of fourteen years and upward, within the Confederate States and adhering to the Government of the United States and acknowledging the authority of the same, and not being