War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1343 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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I cannot see how the Government can secure prper respect for its ordinances or discharge its duty to the loyal people and the loyal and brave army enlisted in its support without in this case, as in all other of the kind, holding to strict account all the parties concerned in contraband communication with the enemy. I deem it my duty therefore on this occasion after a thorough examination of the case to recommend and urge notonly that Hunter be held in custody until all occasion for his contraband agency is over, but that his three employers, Messrs. Hopkins, Hull & Atkinson, of Baltimore the principals in this habitual contraband business, be arrested and so disposed of as to effectually prevent any further indulgence in their treasonable propensities.

All of which is respectfully submitted by your obedient servant.



Respectfully forwarded to Honorable W. H. Seward, Secretary of State.


Brigadier-General and Provost-Marshal.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, January 22, 1862.

Major General JOHN A. DIX, Baltimore, Md.

GENERAL: I will thank you to inquire and report to me the names in full of each of the persons composing the firm of Hopkins, Hull & Atkinson, doing business in Baltimore, and whether any of them are citizens of the United States, and if so which of them.

I have the honor to be, &c.,


Assistant Secretary.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, January 22, 1862.

Brigadier General ANDREW PORTER, Provost-Marshal.

SIR: Let Samuel Hunter, a prisoner confined in the Old Capitol Prison, be released on engaging upon oath that he will neither enter any of the States in insurrection against the authority of the United States Government nor hold any correspondence whatever with persons residing in those States without permission from the Secretary of State; and also that he will not do anything hostile to the United States during the present insurrection.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Secretary.

BALTIMORE, January 23, 1862.

Major General JOHN A. DIX.

SIR: Referring to the inquiry as to the firm of dry goods merchants here of Hopkins, Hull & Atkinson I have to state that Basil Hopkins, Robert Hull and Thomas W. Atkinson compose the firm. They are all citizens of the United States. The first-named, Hopkins, is known to be a Union man; the others are secessionists. They have a large number of accounts due them in the South.

Yours, respectfully,