War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1274 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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his first term of office he had so abused and perverted for his own selfish political purposes had been taken from him, and assuring his audience that before next April that power would be restored, he avows his determination should he be re-elected to "allow the fullest liberty to all," and remove all barriers to licentiousness and permit everybody to do just as hepleases, irrespective of every conventionality, of every divine command, of every sacred prejudice; and promises further that no man shall be taxed for selling bad rum "no matter what mischievous results" the sale of such poisons may bring about. He then goes on to abuse in the choicest Billingsgate the present administration,-under the name of the Abolition party,-accuses it of having precipitated a civil war upon the country for the sole purpose of freeing the blacks of the South and bringing their labor into competition with the whites of the North, and whose purpose-he goes on to relate-

is to oppress you by the imposition of unjust taxation-who will grind you down to the earth-who will compel you to work for 50 cents per day, and even withhold that from you if they can by fraud.

He accuses the administration of prolonging the war for the sake of plunder only, and then belches forth the following treason:

They will get Irishmen and Germans to fill up the regiments and go forth to defend the country under theidea that they will themselves remain at home to divide the amount of plunder that is to be distributed. If this party get possession of the city government God help you! They have driven the Union to destruction, and they are now battling steadily against the old Empire State itself, which if it falls, I repeat, God hel us! My friends of New York, false abolitionism rules in our midst, and I tell you instead of the laws we now live under we will have others of ten thousandfold severity if they succeed in getting possession of this Democratic city of New York as they have got possession of the State. And if they who have already done so much in Albany to rob you of your rights,-if they who in Washington plunged the country into civil war and who wrung $500,000,000 from the thews and sinews and the industry of the country so that they might have contracts, and so that they might abolish slavery and shed the blood of Southern men,-did this before what will they not do when in addition to that power they get control of the city in adding to the load of wretchedness and misery under which the country already labors?

What will the noble and true hearted Irishmen and the honest, patriotic Germans who have staked their lives upon the issued of this contest think of this? They, poor fellows, are imbued with the idea that they are battling for a great principle; that they are pouring out their blood to sustain a sacred cause, and daily court death in the belief that the Government which they have lived under and under which they have enjoyed the blessings of liberty and freedom demands such sacrifice in order that others-their children and downtrodden and oppressed countrymen-may hereafter enjoy the blesings they have enjoyed. But this bold traitor Wood, this reckless demagogue, this anarchist, who would see barricades erected in the streets of the metropolis, and have class arrayed against class, and have blood flowing in the kennels, tells them that it is all a mistake; that they are only fighting to keep an administration in power which inaugurated the war, and prolongs it only that it may grow fat on plunder and rob the Treasury filled by exactions "wrung from the thews and sinews of the industry of the country. "

If this is not treason we do not know how to define it. If this is not giving encouragement to the rebels in arms against the Government by sustaining them in their idea that there is a great anti-war and anti-Union peace party in the North language has no force and words mean nothing. Such expressions at such a time are a proof of how