War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1248 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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I have a number of namesthat I am on the lookout [for], and associate those sent forward and named in letter, viz: Captain Walter P. Beach, N. H. Hart, lieutenant, and now filling up to go into Charles Stuart's regiment. David C. Wattles was to go as second lieutenant, but unfortunately he is on his way to Fort Lafayette. Others have been named, and if we are to believe those that come in daily contant with them they are rank secessionists and members of this League Club or Golden Circle. It is to be hoped that I may come across some more papers that will throw more light upon the subject. We have been to considerable expense in ferreting this matter out, having first to send a couple of detectives out to North Branch, and they employed the sheriff of Lapeer to assist them. They were gone about one week and returned with their report. I then waited until Dr. Guy S. Hopkins came in and arrested him, secured his papers and then sent out and arrested Butler and Wattles, all of which costs money. You will please advise me if I can embrace those expenses in my monthly account.

All of which is most respectfully submitted.

Your obedient servant,


P. S. - I will send Doctor Hopkins' other papers in by themselves as found in his possession.




R. M. C., Esq.

DEAR AND HONORED SIR: I write to inform you that C---s, the signature of the S--- of S---, &c., attached with a number of skeleton P---ts, will be found at the house of R--- L---, W. C. W., by the 9th instant.

The work, dear sir, goes bravely on; I have received replies from over sixty different localities and forwarded them to their proper destination, and I am happy to say thus far without a breath of suspicion or any accident. Our fellow-citizens are better prepared for the grand movement than even the most sanguine of our leaders dared to hope. The league is extending its ramifications in every direction and gaining new and valuable adherents daily. I feel greatly strengthened in the belief that when the hour comes to erect our glorious standar an overwhelming force will spring up at the first trumpet call. Many who are outwardly rabid in the tyrant's favor are with us heart and soul. I cannot, in common with C---s S---t, refrain from expressing my astonishment not to say delight at the unparalleled success and secrecy which has thus far attended the efforts of the brotherhood. God cannot help blessing a cause whose object is the restoration of a great nation to peace and unity by the overthrow of the blackest and most damnable despotism that ever usurped the liberties of a free people.

It is not difficult to convince an hosest, intelligent man that the only way left to restore the Union and rescue the Constitution from beneath the feet of the tyrants where it is now lying is to insure by concerted action throughtout the N--- the success of the S---, until tired and disgusted the conservative element is strong enough to raise and unite if necessary with the A--- of the S---, overrun the N--- like a hurricane, sweeping the A--- into eternity, or at least driving them into complete and unconditional submission. This is the only way in which our liberty and our country can be saved. Such a result would again