War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1082 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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I do not deem it will be necessary to use force; that the prisoners will have the good sense to avoid any necessity for using it, but if they should they must be made to understand that it is their own fault. They must be brought on board. All trunks, cases, packages and bags belonging to them you will take possession of and send on board this ship. Any dispatches found on the persons of the prisoners or in possession of those on board the steamer will be taken possession of also, examined and retained if necessary.

I have understood that the families of these gentlemen may be with them. If so I beg you will offer some of them in my name a passage in this ship to the United States, and that all the attentions and comforts we can command are tendered them and well be placed in their service.

In the event of their accpetance should there be anything which the captain of the steamer can spare to increase the comforts, in the way of necessaries or stores of which a war vessel is deficient, you will please to procure them. The amount will be paid for by the paymaster.

Lieutenant James A. Greer will take charge of the third cutter which accompanies you and assist you in these duties.

I trust that all those under your command in executing this important and delicate duty will conduct themselves with all the delicacy and kindness which becomes the character of our naval service.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

U. S. STEAMER SAN JACINTO, At Sea, November 11, 1861.

Lieutenant D. M. FAIRFAX, U. S. Navy.

SIR: You will report to me in writing all the facts which transpired under your observation on board the mail steamer Trent, bound from Havana to Sait Thomas, whilst hove to under our guns on the 8th instant and boarded by you under my orders.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,



(Same to Lieutenant James A. Greer, Second Assistant Engineer James B. Houston, Third Assistant Engineer George W. Hall, Paymaster's Clerk R. G. Simpson, Master's Mate Charles B. Dahlgren, and Boatswain H. P. Grace, U. S. Navy.)

[Inclosure Numbers 3.]

U. S. STEAMER SAN JACINTO, At Sea, November 12, 1861.

Captain CHARLES WILKES, U. S. Navy,

Commanding San Jacinto.

SIR: At 1. 20 p. m. on the 8th instant I repaired alongside of the British mail packet in an armed cutter, accompanied by Mr. Houston, second assistant engineer, and Mr. Grace, the boatswain.

I went on board the Trent alone leaving the two officers in the boat with orders to await until it became necessary to show some force.

I was shown up by the first officer to the quarter-deck where I met the captain and informed him who I was, asking to see his passenger list. He declined letting me see it. I then told him that I had information of Mr. Mason, Mr. Slidell, Mr. Eustis and Mr. Macfarland having