War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1071 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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Fxtact of a letter from Mr. Matthew F. Maury to Lort Lyons, dated Fort Warren, January 30, 1862.

* * * May I ask your lordship to propose to him (Mr. Seward) to grant me a release upon condition that I return to England within a week or thereabout from my discharge, according to the sailing of the steamer, and that I engage on parole of honor to hold no communication with the Southern States or do anything hostile to the United States in the interim. It is but three weeks since one of my fellow-prisoners, Mr. D. C. Lowber, of New Orleans, was released upon precisely the terms thus offered. * * *

U. S. MARSHAL'S OFFICE, Cleveland, January 31, 1862.

Honorable F. W. SEWARD,

Assistant Secretary of State, Washington.

SIR: I am this day in receipt of your letter of the 28th instant requesting information "whether proceedings have been commenced in the U. S. courts for the confiscation of the $300 in coin which was seized with the other property belonging to Mr. Rutson Maury at the time of his arrest. " In reply I have the honor to state that on the 29th day of November last I found in possession of Mr. R. M. N. Taylor, the proprietor of the Angier Hotel of this city, $300 in gold coin which had been deposited with said Taylor by Rutson Maury, Jr., after the seizure of his baggage by the inspector of the revenue (which event took place I think on or about the 28th of October last), and the day prior to his leaving this city for Washington with the avowed purpose of applying to the Government for the discharge of his baggage. Upon being advised of such deposit I seized the package of gold and filed an information with the district attorney who forthwith commenced proceedings against the same for confiscation, and upon the hearing of the cause by the district court on the 21st instant it was by the court adjudged and decreed to be confiscated, and on the 25th instant the court made its order for distribution of the same, one-half to the informed and the remaining half to be paid into the Treasury of the United States according to the provisins of the act of Congress in that behalf, which has been done accordingly as I am informed. It will be seen therefore that the $300 in coin was not seized with the other property belonging to Mr. Rutson Maury at the time of this arrst which was made in Washington (and neither here nor by me) nor at the time of the seizure of his baggage or other property, but a month after that event. The proceedings in court for its confiscation have been wholly separate and distinct from those for the forfeiture of the other property both in character and point of time, in the latter the libel having been filed under the act of Congress of July 13, 1861, and as to the coin they were under the confiscation act of August 6, 1861.

I remain, sir, your obedient servant,


U. S. Marshal.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, February 4, 1862.

ROBERT F. PAINE, Esq., U. S. Attorney, Cleveland.

SIR: I transmit a copy of a letter of the 29th ultimo addressed to this Department by Rutson Maury, Jr., a prisoner at Fort Lafayette, and