War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1059 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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letter books and accounts connected with the Maurys, and examined him in relation to them. His acquaintance began with R. Maury, Jr., one year ago when he took the agency here for the firm of Maury & Wilder, of Galveston, Tex. Upon the return from the South in October of R. Maury, Jr., several letters from Europe, which had been received by Mr. Wainwright from the Boston post-office, being directed to his care, were handed to R. Maury, Jr., to whom they were addressed, and read by him in Wainwright's presence. They were business letters from a cotton house in Liverpool and Mr. Wainwright thinks had no improper communications in them; at any rate knew of none if there were any.

During Maury's stay in Boston he told Mr. Wainwright that he had or should write to the Dead-Letter Office for his letters to be sent to Boston and did so, but whether in Wainwright's name or in his own Wainwright does not remember. The notice of the Dead-Letter Office came to Wainwright after Maury had left, and he not understanding it waited till the Boston post-office notified him when he called and took the letters which had been forwarded from the Dead-Letter Office, seven of which being addressed to the firm of Maury & Wilder, of whom he is the receiver, he opened and found to be simply business letters. He has them still, and I examined them and could see nothing wrong in them. The other eleven which were addressed to the other Maury he sent to New York and informed Mr. Amory, so that they were obtained and you have them now. He has brought me another which arrived to-day by the Asia which I inclose* herewith.

The whole action on his part has been simply a staightforward business transaction and without a through of harm. I think that R. Maury, Jr., directed his European letters to be sent to the care of Mr. Wainwright, Boston, when he was going North, and then being in Boston be used Wainwright's name to get those from the Dead-Letter Office. Mr. Wainwright's is a very sound, loyal Union man, and is very indignant that Maury should have done anything to compromise him. He is in the interests of Wilder against Maury in their partnership transactions, and will do everything fair and honorable to assist the Government.

If there are any facts beyond the direction of the letters to his care I should be glad to know them that I may make further inquiries, and would like also the other to the Dead-Letter Office that I may see if it is in Wainwright's handwriting.

* * * * *

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


U. S. Marshal.

FORT LAFAYETTE, New York Harbor, November 23, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State, Washington.

SIR: A period of fourteen days has elapsed since my arrest in Washington and beyond the fact of letters on family and business relations to the best of my knowledge and belief which were handed to me by friends in New York being found in my baggage, I know of no charge that can be brought or exists against me. If any it is false. The contents of the letters I am totally ignorant of as I did not suppose any friend would knowingly act treasonably.


* Not found.