War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1044 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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New York, November 7, 1861.

F. W. SEWARD, Esq., Assistant Secretary of State.

SIR: The papers announce the arrest of M. F. Maury at Cleveland with a bag of letters, &c., on Saturday last. He is the same person to whom allusion was made in mine of 3rd instant as carrying on a messenger express between New York and New Orleans. I understand him to be a relative of Lieutenant Maury; that he has been residing in Galveston, Tex., where he is connected with a mercantile house; that the firm of Maury Bros., Numbers 5 Hanover street, New York, are his near relatives and business correspondents. In searching I find that his rates were $2. 50 per half ounce. Those at a distance were instructed of forward their letters for him to the address of "Donald Rose, care of Maury Bros., New York. " I send you this additional information in order that interested friends may not succeed by misrepresentations to have him released before he is fairly in custody.

Very truly, yours,



TREASURY DEPARTMENT, November 8, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

SIR: I inclose herewith two letters from Charles J. Ballard, collector at Cleveland, Ohio, giving particulars concerning the case of mr. R. Maury. Mr. Maury has evidently been engag3ed in conveying correspondence into the States under insurrectionary control and should be arrested. By the proclamation of the President the insurrectionary States are placed in the position of public enemies; to carry correspondence between them and the loyal States is to render them aid and comfort; to render such aid and comfort is treason. Mr. Maury is in the city.

Yours, truly,


[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, Cleveland, November 4, 1861.

Honorable S. P. CHASE, Seccretary of the Treasury.

DEAR SIR: tant asking me to report particulars concerning r. Maury's case is just received. In reply would say in the first place that his letter to Secretary Seward* (a copy of which was sent_ sounds very nice taken in connection with facts that we are in possession of here. The trunk of said Maury contained a small quantity of gentleman's clothing, dress patterns, dry goods of different kinds in small quasntities, drugs, toilet articles, &c., and when first opened some eighty letters directed to diffeerent parts of the Southern Confederacy were found, the majority of which were directed to New orleans. Upon a more thorough examination of said trunk some 200 more letters similarly directed were found secreted in the partition that separates that top from the lower part of said trunk. Said letters have been delivered to the postmaster here and will I suppose in due time be forwarded to the Postmaster-General.

Some five days after the seizure of R. Maury, Jr. 's trunk we seized a trunk belonging to M. F. Maury who is without doubt a brother of R. Maury. The latter trunk contained in connection with other things


*Probably refers to Matthew F. Maury to Seward, ante.