War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 1032 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Mrs. John Low was arrested in Detroit by a Government agent and by order of the Secretary of State was taken to Washington and committed to the Greenhow House Prison November 10, 1861. She claimed to be a subject of Great Britain and a resident of Virginia. She had just returned from Europe with heer brother, Charles Green, who was arrested at the same time. the charges against Mrs. Low were that she was conveying contraband correspondence to the insurrectionary States. November 12, 1861, an order was issued from the Department of State directing General Andrew Porter, provostmarshal at Washington, to release Mrs. Low on her engaging on honor to hold no correspondence with and not to enter the insurrectionary States during the rebellion and do no act hostile to the United States Government. Mrs. Low was accordingly released November 13, 1861.

This person [Charles Green] was a resident of Savannah, Ga., and on his return from Europe via Canada was arrested in Detroit by an agent of the Government, and by order of the Secretary of State was committed to Fort Warren November 9, 1861. His family connections in England and America are as far as appears hostile to the Union. He was a large holder of property both real and personal and his papers indicated that he had made extensive preparations to carry on direct and illegal traffic with foreign countries and that he had entertained propositions for running the blockade if not actually joined in such enterprises. The papers found on him also showed that he had subscribed to the Confederate loan and held the bonds of the rebel government. The said Charles Green remained in custody at Fort Warren February 15, 1862. -From Record Book, State Department, "Arrests for Disloyalty. "

NEW YORK, November 1, 1861.

Honorable W. H. SEWARD, Washingtotn.

SIR: Mr. Andrew Low, of Ssavannah, has returned from England at Halifaw and proceeded thence to Montreal and then for Louisville with his wive, en route forr Georgia. He was one of the rebel commissioners to receive subscriptions to the Confederate loan at Savannah. He is


a leading cotton house in that city and is supposed to have had an interest in the steamer Beermuda that ran the blockade off Tybee Island, Georgia coast. Mrs. Low is the daughter of W. H. Stiles, of Georgia, formerly minister to Austria, and the family all rank rebels. It is for you to determine about his arrest. I have no doubt of his being an agent at Liverpool this ssummer. Mr. Low has a sandy head, dark red, and looks like a Scotchman or Englishman.

Your obedient servant,


CINCINNATI, OHIO, November 4, 1861.

Honorable F. W. SEWARD, Assistant Secretary of State:

I have under arrest Anderw Low as per your order. I have examined his person, baggage, &c. He hasno papers ofa treasonable character with him. What shall I do with prisoner?


U. S. Marshal.