War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0985 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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to them that he has carried dispatches, letters and contraband goods to the insurgents. Mr. Albert G. Davis, our agent, says Shaver confessed to him that he was engaged in this business. John C. Miller, of Chicago, has important information. The case is now under consideration.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, November 11, 1861.

JOSHUA R. GIDDINGS, U. S. Consul-General, Montreal.

It is insisted that J. G. Shaver is innocent of any offense against the Government, and unless you furnish me with the proofs I shall be obliged to release him. Reply by telegraph.


WASHINGTON, November 12, 1861.

Honorable WILLIAM H. SEWARD, &c.

SIR: I have already brought to your notice the case of Mr. John G. Shaver, a British subject who was arrested at Detroit, Michigan, and who is now imprisoned in Fort Warren in Boston Harbor. The extract which I now have the honor to inclose from a dispatch from Mr. Archibald, Her Majesty's consul at New York, will make you acquainted with further details. Concerning this case I beg to direct your attention particularly to the detention of the letters addressed by Mr. Shaver to Mr. Archibald.

I have, &c.,



NEW YORK, November 9, 1861.

Right Honorable Lord LYONS, &c.

MY LORD: I have the honor to acquaint your lordship that on the 21st of October when I last visited Fort Lafayette I received there from Mr. J. G. Shaver, a British subject imprisoned that day, the inclosed note* begging permission to see me before I left the fort, to which the lieutenant of the fort not being able to accede I wrote a note there to Mr. Shaver desiring him to write to me informing me fully of the cause of his imprisonment. I received no communication from him down to the time of the transfer of the prisoners to Fort Warren, boston, when noticing that his name was not included in the list of prisoners I supposed he had been liberated.

This morning to my surprise I received the inclosed envelope* from the State Department containing therein the letter addressed to me by Mr. Shaver on the 21st of October and also a letter* from him dated the 28th of October, referring to his former letter and informing me that he had been offered his liberty on condition of taking the oath of allegiance to the United States which he naturally declined to do, and urging me to act at once in the matter of obtaining his release. Since he last mentioned letters a genleman called upon me and informed me that Mr. Shaver is still confined at Fort Warren, although it is probable an order for his release has been missent to some quarter. I beg your lordship will have the goodness to make inquiry as to the hindrance to Mr. Shaver's discharge and take such steps in the matter as your lordship may think fit.


* Not found.