War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0964 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Hoping that you will think favorably of our case and grant our petition, we respectfully subscribe ourselves, your obedient servants,



DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, November 28, 1861.


SIR: I have received your letter of the 13th instant relative to Donald McKay, captured on board the steamer Salvor. In reply I have to inform you that it is not deemed expedient to release him at present, but you are at liberty to furnish him with any articles which may be necessary for his comfort.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


Assistant Secretary.

FORT LAFAYETTE, December 2, 1861.

[Honorable WILLIAM H. SEWARD.]

HONORABLE SIR: I saw a letter from the State Department which was signed by Lieutenant Hawley saying notne to try to get me out. This is the way I understand it. I was taken in the prize Salvor which the Keystone State took. They left my father at Key West in the fort and I was brought here, for what I do not know. I am only fifteen years old. I asked Captain Scott to ledt me see my father before we come off and he would not do it. I think it is very hard. I had no interest in vessel nor cargo. I was merely a passenger with my father, and if it is in your power to let me know whether I am to stay here or not please let me know, for I want to go where my father is if it is possible. I have one or two friends in New York. I was instructed to write to you. If you can do anything for me will you please do so and give me an answer as I am anxious to get where my father is.

Your obedient servant,



Fort Taylor, Key West, Fla., December 6, 1861.

The ADJUTANT-GENERAL, U. S. ARMY, Washington, D. C.

SIR: When I assumed command of this post on the 7th ultimo I found four citizens confined as prisoners, viz, James McKay, Charles Tifft, R. H. Barrett and W. G. Ball, all of whom were arrested in connection with the captured of the steamer Salvor by the U. S. steamer Keystone State on the 14th of October and whose cases were reported to you by Brigadier General William H. French then in command.

Three of these cases I have disposed of as follows: Messrs. Ball and Barrett were passengers on board the Salvor and were arrested and detained principally as witnesses, but in the investigation before the grand jury in its November term did not appear to know anything of the cargo of the Salvor, and on the 15th of November I addressed a letter to the U. S. district attorney, a copy of which and his reply I inclose, upon which I released them upon the 21st ultimo. Both have taken the oath of allegiance. Mr. Charles Tifft is a merchant of Key West