War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0951 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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that pestilential sheet. If she does "draw it mild" it will be for the purpose of getting her husband released when it will be put forth with new vigor. The paper is now perhaps doing more mischief than before. The fact that it may be able to reveal the inside of a Government prison coupled with the novelty of its being conducted by a woman lends to it an interest which increases its circulation. Having begun the task I think it would be incomplete without suppressing the paper altogether. Upon the arrest of Messrs. Flanders they both made assurances to their friends publicly that they would never take the oath of allegiance. I think they should be required to do so before being released.

As to the Bombay association I will if there is anything of it prosecute it before the ordinary tribunal.

Very truly, your obedient servant,


U. S. District Attorney.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

BOMBAY, May 7, 1861.

We the undersigned citizens of the United States of America, believing that we are possessed of certain inalienable rights set forth in the Declaration of Independence, viz, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, also liberty of speech and liberty of the press, and having reason to fear that these rights are about to be wrested from us by the Black Republicans, and believing further that if permitted to carry out their designs they will take our lives and destroy our property:

Now therefore we are determined and firmly resolved that we will resist all unlawful encroachments upon our just rights and that although we pledge ourselves to support the Constitution of the United States and all just and equitable laws of our country, we will not submit to be ruled by violence and mob law from whatever source they may come.

Now therefore in view of the dangers to which we are exposed we this day organize into a society to be named in accordance with the principles set forth in this declaration:

The Sons of Liberty, for the purpose of protecting each other's person and property, to which we hold ourselves firmly bound and pledge our sacred honors. The officers of this society shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Five members shall be sufficient to organize this society.





[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

Resolved, That the present unhappy and deplorable condition of our country is plainly the consequence of the triumph of a sectional party in the late Presidential election, an event which it was foreseen and foretold would prove the destruction of our sisterhood of free and sovereign States.

Resolved, That a portion of the States of the confederacy having deemed this event a sufficient cause for a separation from that portion of their co-States by whose agency it was brought about and having declared such separation it was an act of both folly and wickedness to attempt to bring them back into the Union by force of arms, for "war is disunion, certain, inevitable, final and irrepressible. "