War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0927 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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to correct a misstatement concerning him made by this paper on what any one would take as good authority. In speaking of the skirmish at Grayson we said that one of the prisoners had made a confession which implicated Mr. Stanton in a conspiracy to invade Kentucky and seize upon this city. We are informed that the man, whose name is Martin, has made oath that he never made such a confession and that he knows nothing of any connection of Mr. Stanton with the raids upon this State.

FRANKFORT, KY., December 19, 1861.

Honorable w. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.

DEAR SIR: The undersigned Union members of the General Assembly of Kentucky earnestly request that Richard H. Stanton, of Kentucky, now a prisoner in Fort Lafayette, may be returned to Kentucky for trial before the proper tribunal within this Commonwealth. We are satisfied that the detention longer of Mr. Stanton will subserve no public interest. His return for trial will gratify many true friends of the Government, satisfied as they are that if Mr. S. has been guilty of an offense against the Government he will be punished; if innocent an opportunity will be afforeded him to vindicate himself.

Very respectfully,

George P. Webster, Cyrus Campbell, JNO W. Finnell, L. W. Andrews, Geo. H. Yeaman, Joseph Ricketts, J. R. Thomas, W. L. Conklin, Rich'd J. Browne, F. L. Cleveland, Rich'd A. Buckner, Geo. M. Thomas, Wm. J. Heady, H. Griffith, J. H. Harney, V. B. Young, J. W. Anderson, B. J. Clay, James Calvert, J. B. Cochran, R. Cochran, A. A. Curtis, Alf. Allen.

We would be satisfied with the release of Mr. Stanton upon his taking the oath of allegiance and voluntarily coming under obligations to the Government and to the community to which he desires to return to conduct himself as a loyal citizen to the State and Federal governments.

George Poindexter, H. Taylor, W. C. Ireland, P. L. Maxey, V. B. Young, D. P. Mears, L. W. Andrews, Alex. Lusk, Otho Miller, Joseph Rickert, J. B. Cochran, R. Cochran, C. F. Bruneaux, A. A. Curtis, J. R. Underwood, B. R. Young, N. A. Rapier, R. Gibson, Alf. Allen, Zeb. Ward, D. W. Johns, John W. Campbell, J. R. Thomas, W. L. Conklin, R. J. Browne, F. L. Cleveland, H. Griffith, Wm. J. Heady, J. H. Harney, J. Tevis, Nat Wolfe, J. W. Anderson, J. P. Sparks, S. G. England, W. S. Ranklin.

The undersigned Union senators concur in the request that R. H. Stanton be restored to his liberty on taking required oath.

M. P. Marshall, John F. Fisk, R. H. Field, Jas. H. G. Bush, W. B. Read, M. P. Buster, James Speed, Henry D. McHenry, S. W. De Haven, Nathan McLure, C. T. Worthington, I. A. Prall, R. T. Baker, John B. Bruner, T. T. Alexander.

FORT LAFAYETTE, December 22, 1861.


President of the United States.

SIR: I had the honor a few days since to address you on the subject of my imprisonment at this place. You will pardon me if I again tres-