War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0926 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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released., I declare before high Heaven that I have done nothing or ever intended to do wnything which if done would merit this punishment. If I am charged with any act of disloyalty or intention to commit any act of disloyalty it is a monstrous falsehood come from whom it may.

I have a very large, helpless and dependent family, perhaps as large if not the very largest in my neighborhood, upon whom my exile from home and imprisonment falls most heavily. They need my care and protection, and I beg you to interpose your authority and spare them further suffering by ordering my release. With great confidence in your sense of justice and humh the highest respect, your obedient servant,


FORT LAFAYETTE, N. Y., December 18, 1861.

Honorable WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

SIR: I have the honor herewith to inclose you an article taken from The Maysville (Ky.) Eagle of the 12th instant containing a refutation of a vile and infamous calumny which it seems has been used to fasten upon me the guilt of disloyalty, and I respectfully ask that the article may have your attention. I have been imprisoned now near three months and though having made every exertion in my power to ascertain what charges were made against me this is the only specific and definite one of which I have yet heard. I suppose if forms the basis of General Nelson's request of the Department that I may be detained as a prisoner. It turns out to be a base and slanderous falsehood and shows with what facility in these times bad men may endenger mischief.

If there are any other charges against me directly imputing disloyal acts or intentions or even insinuating them against me I declare before high Heaven they are false no matter by whom made, and I pledge my life that they are as susceptible of as clear and satisfactory a refutation as the one referred to in The Eagle. General Nelson when he caused my arrest knew nothing nor could he have known anything personally of either my conduct, disposition or sentiments in regard to the then existing troubles. He has no doubt therefore been imposed upon and misled by bad men who are too ready in these times to invent slanders upon those whom they dislike and to magnify mere suspicions into veritable facts.

With the highest respect, your obedient servant,



The gentleman who were arrested in this city by order of General Nelson last fall have been released and have returned to this city, with the exception of messrs. Stanton adn Casto who were detained in custody. The citizens of Maysville are pleased with the release of these gentlemen from confinement, receiving it as an indication that the Government has satisfactory assurances that their being at liberty will not be productive of evil to the cause or disturb the peace of We are informed that Mr. Casto refused to take the oath and the Government officials did not feel justified in releasing him until he had entered into obligations of fealty to the Government.

We have not been informed of the special reasons which induced the longer confinement of Mr. Stanton but we are told it was done by the order of General Nelson who may have evidence against him sufficient to warrant a civil prosecution. We feel that it is due to Mr. Stanton