War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0893 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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a belligerent if he would and has not the sense or position to make him a dangerous conspirator; is willing to take the oath of allegiance.

Second. Henry G. Thurber, Oldham County, Ky., eighteen miles from Louisville; twenty-six years old; carpenter by trade; was going South because (as he says) he feared he would be arrested as he had voted the State Rights ticket. Probably he was going to enlist, because he did not feel safe in Kentucky after the arrest of Governor Morehead. He is now willing to take the oath of allegiance.

Third. Frank M. Crow, Oldham County, Ky. ; twenty-four years old; has a wife now in Kentucky; no property and no influence. His case is just the same as Thurber's in all respects. Will take the oath.

Fourth. Joseph W. Griffith, Oldham County, Ky. ; thirty-six years old; no family; journeyman cabinetmaker. Was going to Tennessee because as he says "I was informed that I was to be arrested for having some time before belonged to the State Guard, which was disbanded. " Says he joined the State Guard supposing he would be paid and was to defend Kentucky. When it was disbanded found he was mistaken. Will take the oath.

Fifth. Anderson McDowell, Oldham County, Ky. ; forty-eight years of age; no wife, four children. A farmer, on shares, owning no land or other property. Was going South for the reason as he says that he feared arrest, having voted State Right in the election. His politics are--to go with the people of Kentucky. Will take the oath.

Sixth. John W. Robards, of Harrodsburg, Ky. ; twenty-one years old; is ignorant. Has supported his mother and two sisters as well as he could by working at farm work for wages. When arrested he says he was going to Warren County to get work. Has little intelligence and no politics. In no respects a dangerous man. Will take the oath. Says he always was ready to take it.

Seventh. Stephen H. Wooldridge, Harrodsburg, Ky. ; twenty-nine years old; no family; occupation, overseer of farm work on plantation; no property; works for wages; been some time tout of employment and is destitute. When arrested he was from home, going as he says to see if he could get work. Thinks the old Government better than the new one. This man has more sense than the last, but is a very common man. Never had any objection to taking the oath; has none now.

Eighth. Joseph T. McFeal, of Harrodsburg, Ky. ; thirty-seven years old; has wife and four young children; journeyman cabinetmaker. When arrested was going South because as he says he was informed and believed that all of his political opinions were to be imprisoned. Wished the Union preserved then and now, but agreed with Governor Morehead in thinking that it could only be done any concessions. Left home from fear, and would be glad to take the oath as he would now be safe in Kentucky.

Ninth. Joseph Back, Marion County, Ky. ; forty-four years of age; mill-wright by trade; does jobs and farms a little on hired land; has wife and four children; very poor; no property of any kind. This man is very stupid. Says he when drunk started South with some other men. When he got sober backed out and went home and was arrested at his home. Has not the sense to understand the meaning of the contest. Will take the oath.

Tenth. Lewis S. Holsclaw, or Hetzclaw, or Hodsclaw. He does not know how to spell his name. From near Louisville; thirty-two years old; no family; carpenter by trade; very little property and no intelligence or influence. When arrested says he was going to Hickman to visit friends, but probably was going to Tennessee. Never was in favor