War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0842 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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on the purchases made herein the city of Philadelphia, 10 per cent. commission being the compensation agreed upon between the said Haig and him (Gilchrist) for the said puracheses; that he (Gilchrist) was satisfied he was being wthced by Lincoln's deteictives, and that he was not willing to take his cnces of being sent to Fort Lafayette for the price of 10 per cent. on the value of the goods wihci he might send to the said Haig, but propsosed to this deponent to purchase all the goods which this deponent needed for the said Southern Confederacy at the commission of 25 per cent.

This deponent then asked the said Gilchrist if he had any contraband goods on hand for sale. He replied that he had some goods intended for Haig but that he considered them his (Gilchrist's) unitl Haig had paid him, but he proposed to sell them to this deponent for cash down and said that he would buy others for Haig. This deponent then asked Gilchrist toshow himthe goods to which he referred and he pointed out certain large boxes containing as the said Gilchrist said cannon primers, perrcussion- caps and surgiacl instruments. The said Gilchrist seemed very desirous to close the trade immediately. The said Gilchrist further stated to this deponent that he was a British subject and r an less risk in engaging in this service than an American citizens, as in case he got in any difficulty he could calim British protection. The said GIlchrist further stated explicitly to this deponent that he had sent goods as the agent of the said Haig to Baltimore which he knew had been trasmitted to the States of the said Southern COnfederacy bythe said Haig. That the said Gilchrist further said that all the goods which he had sent to the said Haig and which had been transported to the States of the said Southern Confederacy were sent by him (Gilchrist) for the purpose of transportation to the said States bythe said Hig. That the said Gilchrist believed that this deponent was at the time of said conversation an agent duly authorized to buy goods for the esaid Southern Confederacy. This deponent threfore cahrges the said Gilchrist with treason, in thies, that he did levy war againzst the United States and did give aid and comfort to their enemies contrary to the act of Congress.


Sworn to and subscirbed October 14, 1861.


U. S. Commissioner.

FORT LAFAYETTE, October 14, 1861.

THOMAS H. MADDOX, Esq., Washington.

DEAR SIR: You will do me the favor to emply counsel in the case of myself and F. Wyatt, and ifhe effeects the desired ebnds I will pay himthe sum of $500. Should he not accomplish the object we desire at once call onHonorable R. Johnson to whom Ihave previously written. Thank you, dear sir, for your kindness, and won't forget it.

Yours, very truly,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, October 16, 1861.


U. S. Marshal, Philadelphia, Pa.

SIR: Will you please forward to me by post as soona s possible all letters, papers and other things in your possession found upon the