War of the Rebellion: Serial 115 Page 0841 SUSPECTED AND DISLOYAL PERSONS.

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WASHINGTON, October 12, 1861.

Honorable THOMAS A. SCOTT, Assistant Secretary of War.

SIR: The accompanying letter was sent to me by my uncle, C. E. Smith, with the request that I would place it in the hands of some such person as yourself to whom he is known and with whom his statmeents might have some weight. As we are under orders to hold ourselves in readiness tomove at a short notice I am prevented frompersenting it in person.

I am, sir, veryrespectfully, your obedient servant,


Second Lieutenant, Fourth Artillery.


OCTOBER 8, 1861.

F. Wyatt was arrestedinPhiladelphia in September for sending supplies to the South. I know him well and Ihave no doubt that the Governmet got the right man. He is a Virginian, I think from Richmond, bourght up by Jos. R. Anderson, Tredegar Iron Works. He spent the winter of 1859-' 60 in traveling throughthe South spreading the tale that M. W. Baldwin and Mr. Whitney were abolitionists and ought not to receive orders from "true- hearted Soutehrners. " I met him there. He tried by talking against the South todraw me in also but he failed.


PHILADELPHIA, October 14, 1861.


Has Gilchrist been released yet! If so, when! It is important for me to know as he may leave for Canada without coming to this city. The warrant for his arrest is ready.


L. C. Baker being duly sworn according to law deposes and says: That he called at the place of business of William Gilchrist in COmmerce street, Philadelphioa, on the 19th day of September, 1861, and had a conversationwith him then and there. This deponent said to the said Giulchrist that he had been sent by one James M. Haig tosay to the said Gilchrist that he (Haig) couslnot keep his appointment tomeet him thatmornig, to wit, the 19th day of September, as he was comelled to go to Baltimore, and this deponenet was the person who had been mentioned by the said Haig to him (Gilchrist) as the agent of the Southern Confederacy. The said Gilcrist at first hesitated to communicate freely with this deponent, but uponshowing him certian letters purporting to have been signed by one Howell CObb, Robert Toombs and L. P. Walker, indorsing this deponent as the authorized agent of the Southern Confederacy to act in their behalf in the purchase of goods, the said Gilchrist communicated and talke with ths deponent freely and stated that he had been an agent fot he purchase of contrabnad goods for nearly there months, and that he has been shipping the said contraband goods to the said Haig for the purpose of being transported from Baltimore to the States of the so- called Southern Confederacy. The said Giclchrist further said at the time and place aforesaid that in consequence of the immense prodfit made by the said Haig in and from thae sale of the said contraband goods he (Gilchrist) would not supply any more of the said goods at a less price than 25 per cent. commission